Cryptocurrencies: Here’s How Waves Reaches Historic 240% Growth

The growth in the number of cryptocurrencies continues. Among them is one, which for a time made a sensation, breaking its own historical record. It is Waves that has recorded a 90% market breakout in the previous week and does not seem to give up earlier this week. A success that developed during 2021. The latter brings good fortune to this virtual currency, which results in a 240% increase and attracts investor interest. Unlike the previous year, when special circumstances around the world destroyed the cryptocurrency, bringing its value down to $ 1.

But since April 24, Waves has climbed from $ 13.5 to a record high of $ 34 today, well above the $ 16 peak recorded in 2018.

Announcement of partnership with the Russian Space Agency

An announcement looms ahead of the unprecedented impact of cryptocurrency on Twitter! Waves Entreprises publishes a press release in its account, testifying to its cooperation with the Russian space agency Roscosmos. The two organizations will join forces to test a tool that uses blockchain technology to prevent intellectual property infringement. For its part, Waves Entreprises will provide a Fungible Token Reward to users who report intellectual property infringements.

DeFi development and other factors driving progress

Due to its nature as a multi-faceted blockchain platform, Waves owes in part to market trends imbued with a passionate taste for DeFi, NFT, and real-world adoption. Its Neutrino protocol for decentralized finance, dedicated to Stablecoin, surpassed $ 1 billion in total blocked value on April 29. The spotlight is on a tweet from decentralized oracle provider Chainlink announcing to the general public that WAVES / USD data streams can be easily integrated into DeFi markets. Exposure coinciding with an increase in Wave value of more than 40% during the day of May 3.

In addition, the platform is constantly updating its methods, offering a simple industry-level tokenization process. Not to mention, his experience is based on decentralized apps and smart contracts that exceed expectations around the world.

Waves are the ingredients of a true success story!

While market analysts are still debating the longevity of the progress in question, Waves appears to have a proven track record in the cryptocurrency world already. Created in 2016, this altcoin introduces its own Blockchain platform based on an ambitious vision: providing a user-friendly infrastructure for developers to create new products with the potential for mass adoption.

He is currently working in the field of decentralized applications, allowing users to create and exchange custom tokens. And striving to develop more products for the benefit of users.

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