Cryptocurrencies: the company changes systems from 1 million ASIC from China to Canada

As we know and have mentioned many times already, the cryptocurrency market is currently quite attractive. However, some countries, such as China, have already demonstrated the technology’s direct red card by banning mining and payments using digital currencies.

Thus, miners had to look for solutions that involved selling video cards at much lower prices and transferring systems to other countries. In this regard, the latest information indicates that the company has moved a system with 1 million ASICs used for Bitcoin mining from China directly to Canada.

The company transfers 1 million ASICs from China to Canada

Soon after the introduction of more restrictive cryptocurrency measures in China, the effects began to show. As such, the latest information indicates that Nevada’s Black Rock Petroleum (BKRP) has announced a mining contract with Optimum Mining Host Limited Liability Co. (OMH) for mining up to one million ASIC Bitminer from China, which will be implemented at three natural levels. gas power plants in Alberta, Canada.

To date, the first 200,000 units of this equipment will be deployed at the Quirk Creek natural gas plant in Alberta, operated by the Caledonian Midstream Corporation. The rest of the ASICs will also be located at gas production facilities in the same state.

It is clear that this change will take a long time. And judging by the details, it is assumed that the migration will not be completed in the next two years.

The place is thought out for a reason. Indeed, in these places access to energy is paid compared to many other places. That is, the lower the electricity bill, the more obvious the benefit.

According to the information, the term of the contract between the organizations is 24 months with an operational extension of 12 months with notice. In turn, OMH will bear the cost of supplying electricity.

You can find out more about the contract here.

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