Cryptocurrencies: the truth is the false disinterest of investors

The $1,000 billion cryptocurrency market continues to gain followers. Explanations.

Cryptocurrencies have been falling for several months now. Even bitcoin, the king of digital currencies, has lost 65% of its value, JDD recalls. However, opinions differ about the future of virtual currencies. Is this really a correction or just the end of a short golden period? Some, including Emmanuel Macron, who timidly agrees, believe that cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the decentralized web of tomorrow, Web3, “move civilization forward.” And in this sense, they should be part of the future. For the president, Web3 stands out as a “not to be missed” opportunity for companies in France and Europe. And back in the game after US dominance of Web 2.0.

$1 trillion cryptocurrency market

However, this $1,000 billion market continues to find new followers. “Few crypto investors left after the Bitcoin crash: on the contrary, some are taking the opportunity to strengthen their positions with the aim of long-term investments,” explains a crypto asset expert from a large French organization. allow you to combine risk and productivity. “With zero returns on almost all assets for three years, the shocks associated with these unregulated investments did not stop them, and the movement defeated traditional investors who forget all rationality,” adds cryptography expert Carl Toussaint du Vast.

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