Cryptocurrency Avalanche Rises After Partnering With Amazon

The cryptocurrency is up 28% in a day thanks to a partnership between giant Amazon and the Avalanche blockchain.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a clear improvement in the cryptocurrency market on the back of good structural news, with big names in technology not stopping investments and alliances in cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

This is the case, for example, with the giant Amazon, which, through its cloud subsidiary Amazon Web Service, will open up the world of blockchain to its customers. Having your own blockchain is out of the question as the American giant has decided to turn to the real kingpin of the sector.

Another 28%

Amazon Web Service just announced a major partnership with the Avalanche blockchain. Following this announcement, Avalanche’s eponymous blockchain token is up 28% since Wednesday, according to data from Coinmarketcap.

What does this partnership provide? To speed up blockchain adoption by “companies, institutions and governments,” the companies explain in a press release.

In particular, Amazon Web Services client developers will be able to create nodes on the Avalanche blockchain to install their business solutions, and Amazon will support Avalanche’s decentralized infrastructure and applications.

More options for developers

“The collaboration between AWS and Avalanche makes it easier for more people to run and manage nodes on Avalanche, making the network even more powerful and flexible for developers,” the press release notes.

Despite these great announcements, this is not the first time such agreements have been signed, in particular, Ethereum and others are already partners with Amazon on certain projects, but cooperation with Avalanche promises to be much more structural and complex to make it the Amazon Web Services blockchain engine and, in Ultimately, growth accelerator.

Antoine Larigaudri edited by PA

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