Cryptocurrency: Binance and Inoni Tech Launch Education Center in Cameroon

(Ecofin Agency) – The inflexibility of financial regulators and the uncertainty looming over the viability of crypto assets do not prevent the emergence of an increasingly dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem in Africa.

In the official press release published Tuesday On August 23, Binance, billed as the world’s first blockchain ecosystem and crypto asset infrastructure provider, announced the launch of its first crypto education center in Cameroon.

Located in Yaoundé, the nation’s capital, this cryptocurrency education center was launched in partnership with Inoni Tech, a non-profit technology center providing resources and education to young people., in French-speaking Africa.

FROM “ Cryptocurrency hub Binance, which we see [] an important step to demystify concepts, promote a good understanding of the many possibilities that education, the Internet 3.0 and the blockchain ecosystem can bring Cameroon and ultimately French-speaking Africa.” says Karin Dicambi, director Francophone Africa on Binance.

Regular skills training sessions will help create new employment opportunities for Cameroonians – many of them will be able to learn new skills to remain employable around the world.“, we emphasize at Binance.

Recall that in the CEMAC zone, of which Cameroon is a part, cryptocurrency activities are not yet regulated. But in the wake of the global movement around the blockchain, structures promoting investment in cryptocurrency have emerged, which has caused the wrath of Cosumaf, the regulator of the sub-regional financial market.highlights Invest in Cameroon. This is the Liyeplimal case in Cameroon. His promoter, Émile Parfait Simbe, was recently arrested and later released following a fraud complaint filed by 100 followers.


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