Cryptocurrency Company Accidentally Transferred $10.5M to Woman, But Didn’t Realize It Until Seven Months Later

Last May, cryptocurrency platform accidentally transferred $10.5 million to an Australian woman while processing a $100 refund and only noticed her mistake seven days later, months later. It was not until December 2021 that the company in question discovered that it had accidentally transferred the state.

In fact, the employee of had to reimburse this Australian one hundred dollars. But due to a typo, the employee would have sent more than ten million to his account.

When the company became aware of the pot of roses, it sued and got the account frozen. In the meantime, most of the money had already been transferred to other accounts, which were then frozen.

Attempts to serve the lady with a freezing order were unsuccessful as she never responded to emails from lawyers. The only communication provided to the court was an email reply saying, “Well received, thanks.”

During all this time, the Australian was offered a house worth 1.35 million dollars, or 925 thousand euros. According to The Guardian, she is now forced to sell the property as soon as possible to pay off It is also required to pay interest in the amount of $27,369.64 and miscellaneous expenses.

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