Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, reveal yourself!

Web 3 made ownership of personal data the main rule. Therefore, it is not easy to draw a portrait of its users. Unless you politely ask them for some information about their practice, that’s the research challenge of Cryptocheck, of which 20 Minutes is a partner this year.

Research to better understand cryptocurrency

CryptoCheck, which aims to “popularize the world of crypto assets through educational content, training and events,” offers a questionnaire with which it will be possible to draw a completely new portrait of cryptocurrency in 2022 in France.

The previous and first study of 2021 with over 3,000 responses, this new edition will also allow you to learn more about the holders of this currency in France and compare with previous results. “In broad terms, this study analyzes the portrait of an investor, their portfolio, and the media and cryptocurrency influencers in France,” explains Romain Ouzeau, creator of the CryptoCheck blog, “We update every year to see the evolution of the store. »

Adapting research to the market

In connection with the latest news, in particular about “crypto cards”, new questions will be asked, which will allow you to get a general idea of ​​u200bu200bthe opinion of the French on this issue. Compared to the 2021 questionnaire, this year’s survey promises to be a little less enthusiastic. “It will be very interesting to see if we meet the same people again or if there are new profiles. Moreover, due to the recent market drop, we will be able to see if French investors have changed their tactics by investing elsewhere. »

The questionnaire is open until August 15, and the report will be made public in mid-September. Go here for commenting reading the results.

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