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“We must hurry to take advantage of this opportunity before the big banks take it.” An artificial voice unfolds the script monotonously, accompanied by images taken from databases. In a four-minute video, she promises the Internet user to get rich, and very quickly, thanks to cryptocurrencies. “However, you must hurry because we have agreed to show this video to a limited number of Youtube users,” the voice adds before giving way to an internet link.

If crypto-related scams are on the rise, the latter is currently offering the services of a miracle algorithm called Immediate Advantage. To entertain the crowd, he shows images of Dutch entrepreneur Didi Taihuttu, dubbed “the patriarch of the Bitcoin family” by the media and famous for selling all his goods to invest in the cryptocurrency. To lure the Swiss into a trap, a well-known businessman is renamed Fabrice Dubois in an article headlined: “Sell everything, travel and return with 2.6 million francs? This family from Geneva explains to us what happened.


The article then claims that the Dubois family would have been on the show. present tense. The site also has several people, supposedly living in different regions of Switzerland, who have also earned attractive sums in a very short time. But an internet search might find the same people in different articles in Dutch and German.

The so-called Lausanne resident Braim Putu then becomes the Brussels resident Brahm de Vries or the Berliner Kyle McLennan. The history of each of these people is connected to the site Immediate Edge. To keep the notion of urgency, the trading platform informs us that there are only 43 spots left in Switzerland, so we need to hurry.

There are also fake quotes from Bill Gates and the American billionaire Winklevoss brothers extolling the virtues of cryptocurrencies. The principle is simple: do everything to convince the Internet user to subscribe to a CFD, that is, a contract for difference, a financial product that should allow the Internet user to take advantage of the investments of the miracle robot as soon as possible. Cost of the operation: $250 to start, plus whatever the reckless internet user puts in later on.

Many victims

If vigilant Internet users might be alerted by grammatical errors and some oddities, victims are not uncommon, as François Meilan explains. The founder of Meylan Finance, he published an article last year to warn internet users against a similar scam where hackers unknowingly used images of celebrities such as Darius Rochebin or Jean-Pierre Pernot to imitate the graphics of certain media such as Morning.

“After my article, I received dozens of phone calls from people who were scammed. They said: and if everyone gets rich on this, then why not me? And yet many of these people held high positions.

François Meilan says that when some of these victims tried to file a complaint, the authorities told them there was nothing they could do because these companies operate from abroad most of the time.

In the case of Immediate Edge fraud, a website based in Nanjing, China, the criminal process will require a request for mutual assistance, which is a lengthy and complicated process that most prosecutors are reluctant to undertake for this kind of crime. cyber fraud. “The only thing you can do is to block your credit card, but it is often too late,” laments the independent manager.

Contacting Fabien Ilg, director of Swiss Crime Prevention (PSC), an inter-cantonal service specializing in these matters, explained that identity fraud is very common. In general, the number of frauds related to digital technologies is increasing every year. He adds: “Victims often face financial hardship or are overwhelmed by the presentation of credible scammers. Time constraints, the fact that the offer is only valid for a short time, is another explanation.

It advises internet users to check if service providers are registered with the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma). If it’s too late, all that’s left is to file a complaint. Following an audit, Immediate Edge is not authorized to operate in the Swiss market and has been blacklisted by the UK Supervisory Authority (FCA) since 2020. FREEDOM

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Geneva X Pressure on the Capi Ombre group. On Monday, employees demonstrated in Geneva in front of one of their brands, L’Incontro restaurant. Together with the Interprofessional Union of Workers (SIT), they condemned in particular the non-payment of wages or layoffs, which were considered offensive.
After demanding collective bargaining, the union and the three employees present secured a meeting with the owner on Monday 18 June. The company denounces the union’s publicity stunt.
Sick leave, disrespectful management, missed schedules… Former and current employees came up with a long list of grievances against Capi Ombre.
A passer-by who went there to eat the day before mentioned the understaffing again and again: “There were only three of them, and the hall was very full!” The demonstrators demanded for all stable monthly contracts, compliance with hourly limits and the application of decisions of industry tribunals.
“Already since April 15, I have been owed 12,000 francs, I have nothing to live on!” Maria José does not hide her anger. A waitress of one of the brands and a resident of France, she is also waiting for a certificate in order to be able to receive unemployment benefits there. “My 22-year-old son helps me, but these difficulties have prevented me from returning to a stable job.” She also denounces the CEO for not attending labor court hearings.
Ibrahim says that he “worked almost two hundred and forty hours in one month.” In the fall, he was injured at work, fired due to “incapacity for work”. The young father of the family is still waiting for a two-month salary, while he had to pay medical expenses alone – the company has not yet reported the claim to the insurance company, the union says.
“In one case we were to blame, but the case continues, today I also provided the latest materials. Otherwise, SIT makes amalgams and accuses without evidence,” explains Claire Papi, general manager of Capi Ombre. According to Marlene Carvallos Barbosa, union secretary, “This sector is particularly demanding on workers, while employers face few disincentives. Capi Ombre has been accumulating litigation for months.”
“To me, this looks like a trade union publicity stunt. In case of problems, it is enough to contact our managers or the Labor Court, ”says owner Sergey Izmalkin. He claims to be unrelated to his other restaurants and says he is open to discussion. The parties will sit down at the table on Monday.
Achille Karangwa

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