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Here new release of news annotation for the week of April 24-30, 2021. A weekly publication that offers you an overview of the main events in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains over the past 7 days.

This is in a few important links that allow keep abreast of innovations and important achievements in the field… But also to keep abreast of interesting investments and the highest possible returns in this ecosystem.

A great way to follow the cryptosphere while enjoying your weekend.

Good reading…

France … This is a country that believes in innovation, “unlocking” the blockchain.

impossible miss the tasty nonsense about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology that France has a gift to serve.… And fortunately, the official services in charge of these files are regularly spewing new horrors in this area.

“Analyzes” that to emphasize the ignorance of the involved “specialists” is much more than the allegedly problematic nature of all this… But with the arrogance of a rooster standing on a dung heap!

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Bitcoin – what does the historical decline in its dominance mean?

Bitcoin - BTC dominance at lowest level since 2018

The cryptocurrency market was hit hard over the weekend. A significant and near-universal drop that propelled the lead to the wing of this bull market. started at the end of last year. And bitcoin, which shares the direction it can take for the rest of the events.

A situation that further complicates recent historical transition of its dominance in the 50% zone… So, is this good news or bad news?

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Paypal, the new payment method on Coinbase

PayPal Coinbase

US Coinbase users will now be able to use their PayPal accounts buy cryptocurrency.

An expensive option for exchange whose price list is one of the highest on the market. But a payment method that can attract millions of additional customers

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ETH vs BTC – JPMorgan introduces technical analysis in favor of Ethereum

JP Morgan advises investing in Ethereum

The current success of the cryptocurrency market is significantly accelerating its adoption. A movement that is sometimes much more opportunistic than fundamental. As well as who finds entry into this digital and decentralized ecosystem as incredible as investment banks or other traditional financial institutions.

This creates interactions that can sometimes seem unexpected. As this Ethereum vs Bitcoin analysis suggested by JP Morgan Bank

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Binance Tokenized Shares in the Spotlight of European Regulators

Binance Tokenized Connections

The tokenized shares recently launched by the Binance platform are catching the attention of European regulators. After a British stock market policeman did so, it was the turn of BaFin, the German financial watchdog, to conduct an investigation to verify the regulatory compliance of the new product highlighted by the crypto exchange leader.

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Bitcoin mining – still possible and profitable from France?

Bitcoin mining - is it still possible in France?

In the field of bitcoin there are several different ways to make good profits… One of them is to go to the source to participate in the security of their network, while receiving the fruits of this labor.

It is a mining activity that is the back office of this ecosystem. A profitable business that comes with energy costs in some parts of the world. But is it possible and profitable from France?

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