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August 07, 2022 – 09:02

We present to your attention a new issue of the news digest for the week from 01 to 07 August 2022. A weekly publication that offers you an overview of the main events in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain over the past 7 days.

This is with 5 important articles that will keep you up to date on important innovations and advances in the field. But also to keep abreast of interesting investments and the best opportunities within this ecosystem.

And at the end of this compilation, a full technical analysis of the price of bitcoin and other iconic cryptocurrencies, taking into account the news of the week.

A good way to keep an eye on the cryptosphere while enjoying your weekends.

Good reading…

Report – Cryptocurrency Fundraising Soars in 2021

The period of general decline that the cryptocurrency market is going through definitely does not have the same impact on everyone. There are very big difficulties with projects, often proportional to their more or less close contact with the Terra ecosystem. And many investors have led portfolios that have been divided by 2 or 3, at best, since historical peaks recorded last year. However, in this rather bleak environment, some evidence sheds a completely different light on the current situation. Because, it would seem, investments in the crypto sector do not survive the crisis, on the contrary…

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BlackRock partners with Coinbase to make it easier for customers to access cryptocurrency

Black Rock Coinbase

Finally some good news for the leading exchange in the US. Coinbase, which has just endured a never-ending black streak of layoffs of a fifth of its workforce, regulatory issues, suspicions of insider trading, fierce competition from the offensive Binance, and other joys, is once again finding a breather thanks to a partnership linked to the giant BlackRock.

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Binance – Mandatory KYC in Europe in the form of Soulbound Tokens?

Binance - Mandatory KYC in Europe in the form of Soulbound Tokens?

The Binance platform appears to be determined to become a good student in the field of cryptocurrency regulation. With the recent implementation of an internal policy of active seduction towards regulators. All this is due to European ambitions, which are formed in most countries, subject to the implementation of the MiCA bill. This is why the exchange has just warned its local users that full KYC is becoming mandatory to use its services. And – perhaps just to sweeten the pill – it could be an innovative form of the SoulBound token.

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Heavy awakening for Solana – Slope wallet is believed to have been the source of the hack

Slope - Is the wallet behind the Solana network hack?

Solana’s mains voltage is just starting to drop after more than 30 hours of nightmare. This follows a major hack responsible for the systematic siphoning of several thousand “hot” wallets. Moreover, in the sights of this already historical operation, the Phantom and Slope projects in the vast majority of cases. And the inability to determine the exact cause of this attack, while the hacker was devastating another 20 accounts every new minute that passed. But ultimately, the Solana network bears no responsibility in this matter. Because all the research seems to point unanimously to the Slope team and the ease with which they managed their users’ private keys.

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New US Bill Lists Bitcoin as a Commodity

bitcoin commodity

The US Senate has just been proposed a second bill to regulate cryptocurrencies, expanding the category of goods for the occasion. In the future, “digital goods” may become a regulatory standard applicable to many cryptocurrencies. But this new legislative effort, laudable as it may be, still does not answer the main question, which is a clear distinction between cryptocurrencies that fall under the category of goods (commodities) and cryptocurrencies that fall under the category of securities (financial securities). Today, only Bitcoin seems to have a consensus.

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Bitcoin Analysis – Backlash Below $26,000?

Analysis Bitcoin falls below $26,000 again

Last week, we discussed the potential continuation of Bitcoin’s technical recovery. It will probably take a little patience. Indeed, it would seem that $26,000 resistance does not make it easy for him. To the point that many investors fear that a final dip below this level could trigger another massive reset and thus the last phase of the bear market since its ATH in November 2021.

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