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July 31, 2022 – 09:00

We present to your attention a new edition of the news digest for the week of July 23-29, 2022. A weekly publication that offers you an overview of the main events in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain over the past 7 days.

This is with 5 important articles that will keep you up to date on important innovations and advances in the field. But also to keep abreast of interesting investments and the best opportunities within this ecosystem.

And at the end of this compilation, a full technical analysis of the price of bitcoin and other iconic cryptocurrencies, taking into account the news of the week.

A good way to keep an eye on the cryptosphere while enjoying the weekend.

Good reading…

Solana Spaces is the opening of the first physical store in New York.

As time goes by, today’s actors are always a little more like yesterday’s… Solana takes a big step into the real world. Although this blockchain is not famous for being decentralized, he decided to open a physical store in New York. This is the first time in the world for a company that, through its actions, intends to participate in the democratization of Web3, which proves this decision.

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NFT is a promising solution for the sale of tickets for sporting events

NFT is a promising solution for the sale of tickets for sporting events

Sometimes it may seem that the NFT market is reduced to multiplying collections of digital images, which are not always very useful. A reductive vision often propagated by detractors, always waiting for its speculative bubble to burst. Because even with a sharp decline – like the entire cryptocurrency market – non-fungible tokens have taken a full-fledged place in this ecosystem and even beyond. So much so that many companies are considering it as a possible solution, not only in the context of innovative communication campaigns. Because they could very well be the future of ticketing for sporting events.

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US SEC Investigates Some Cryptocurrencies Listed on Coinbase

SEC Investigates Coinbase

The crypto exchange platform, which is not in the best shape right now, is accumulating setbacks. The latter is regulatory in nature. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suspects Coinbase of making certain cryptocurrencies available for trading that it believes should have been registered as financial securities.

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Fantom (FTM) – Fire Fighting for Community Investment

Fantom (FTM) - Fire Fighting for Community Investment

The real specificity of the cryptocurrency sector is to be based on the principle of tokenomics, specific to each project. That is, the internal strategy of release, distribution and/or destruction included in its economic model. And, at the peak of the overall growth recorded last year, real commonality and speculative enthusiasm for the “burn” principle. This is the programmed destruction of units of cryptocurrency in order to reduce the available quantity (supply). But it is clear that this trend seems doomed for some in the dead of bear market winter.

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Europe – Lack of Experts to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Europe - Lack of experts to regulate cryptocurrencies

The perch is so big that it is impossible not to grab it. And this news is so ironic and funny that it had to be made into an article. Indeed, it seems that there is a lack of experts in regulation in the field of cryptocurrencies in the European territory. And any informed investor about these digital (non-)currencies will not be able to say the opposite, given the official approach applied to them. The real question is to what extent the actors actually think they have the same skills today. In any case, the European Banking Authority (EBA) seems to be concerned…

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Litecoin (LTC) Analysis – Has the Low Been Reached?

Litecoin Analysis - Has a Low Point Been Reached?

Dear readers, hello! Here is Romain, a technical report on the change in the price of the LTC cryptocurrency of the Litecoin project. What is the main technical support? ricochet still possible? What is the evolution compared to bitcoin? Increase the current situation with this cryptocurrency.

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