Cryptocurrency: Regulators Attack Virtual Currencies

The Indian authorities have gone so far as to threaten a complete ban on cryptocurrencies. On the basis that the latter will be used to finance ” illegal activity Like terrorism, the government of Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi brandished a red rag for weeks before the Indian Supreme Court finally blocked the entry into force of a circular to that effect. Fu is relieved by the Indian Internet and Mobile Telecommunications Association, a non-governmental organization that believes that such a verdict is only good. ” move the problem “… To other digital spaces” illegal »Much less secure.

Finally, in Brussels, the European Commission is preparing the rules. ” agreed “That, in particular, should place new demands on stablecoin companies, these virtual tokens should retain a secure value in the long term … but still not very well insured financially by those who issue them.

To the third way?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation of America, if it does not oppose the regulation of the sector, will be suspicious of such sudden interest from these various national administrations, recalling that cryptocurrencies ” are now a powerful monetary alternative to the financial giants that control most of our online transactions. “.

Because the central question is obviously what form these future rules will take. China, a great commercial competitor to the United States, decided a few years ago to unilaterally ban ” fundraising and trading based on cryptocurrency “… At the same time, developing its own national virtual currency, which should allow it to better control the nature of exchanges carried out among the population. Between the authoritarian tendencies of some and sacred doctrine ” let it go “Will there be a third way that others have been advocating so far?”

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