Cryptocurrency scam: 156,593 euros stolen from Montpellier trader

Fooled by computer thugs, the 50-year-old Montpellier lost the fruits of his twenty years of savings in just a few months.

Interested in the virtual world, the 55-year-old merchant from Montpellier fell into Machiavelli’s trap while surfing the internet looking for information about the “Metaverse” covered in 2018 by Steven Spielberg in his movie Ready Player One. , and it is quite real, unscrupulous computer hackers.

Facts related to 2022

The facts are dated August 2022. After clicking on an ad praising the cryptocurrency, a certain Maxim Lebon contacted him by phone. “He introduced himself, explaining to me that he is a cryptocurrency specialist at Binance,” explains Pierre (1).

Binance, the world leader

Launched on July 14, 2017 in Hong Kong by its CEO Changpeng Zhao, who became a billionaire in just a few months, Binance is a digital currency wallet and global cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to buy, sell and store more than six hundred cryptocurrencies.

Since the beginning of 2018, Binance has even been considered the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by volume.

“His speech was clear, his vocabulary was rich and he had an excellent command of his subject. The interview lasted over half an hour, and then he hung up, telling me that we should not rush and think carefully before investing. . He never tried to push me.”

A week or ten days later, when he, in turn, asked about this, the same Maxim Lebon returned to him and “measured the temperature.”

“I sold my business and I had 200,000 euros. After paying 100 euros to open an account, I deposited 3,000 euros. A small amount, you see. I took it as a game. To do this, he forced me to switch to the exchange, a platform that allows you to make transactions.”

Maxim Lebon had an answer for everything. He knew all the legal texts at his fingertips

6000 more expected

A great opportunity, because within a few days he will have a balance of 6,000 euros in his account. Thanks to this success, Maxime Lebon, whom Pierre can contact at any time both by mobile and landline (2), restarts it and offers to invest in a new cryptocurrency launched by Binance. Each euro invested doubles its share without any risk, since the initiative belongs to the group.

“It was CITS 2.0. After research, this currency was going to be launched by Binance. legal texts are like the back of my hand, and I must admit that I was in awe of it.”

He refused my 100,000 euros

New proposal to make a “shoulder”

So much so that Pierre will unlock 100,000 euros and transactions will be made in increments of 10,000 euros. “In this he was again very strong. He refused my 100,000 euros, explaining to me that the maximum he could do for me was 80,000 euros. How can you not be completely self-confident after that?

Moreover, after a few days, the balance of … 166,000 euros is shown on his account. Peter can’t believe his eyes. And since miracles never happen alone, of course, Maxime Lebon will, in the process, offer him an offer he can’t refuse: in this case, triple his original bet thanks to the “leverage effect.” Blinded, he bets €50,000 this time.

Complaining was useless.

“On November 7, Maxim called me to congratulate me. There were 317,328 euros in my account. And luckily, since I was a new member, for legal and security reasons, AMF (Market Management) required Binance to refund my entire account. , minus 10% commission, but for this I had to pay Flagtax (tax on bank investments), which amounted to 23,593 euros.

Since then, despite a complaint to the gendarmerie, he has never seen the color of his money, i.e. 156,593 euros. The fruit of twenty years of savings.

(1) Suggested name.

(2) You should be aware that hosting companies allow you to set up and host telephone lines in certain locations.

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