Cryptocurrency scam: FBI in Nancy thanks French police

Two officers from FBI (US Federal Judicial Police Service), one official in France, another liaison officer at the French embassy in Paris, traveled to Nancy this Thursday to thank their French colleagues for their help. In April 2021, they arrested a Luxembourg citizen living in Meurthe-et-Moselle and suspected by the American justice of being one of the instigators of a large-scale cryptocurrency scam.

No interviews and blurry photos

During an official ceremony in the presence of the Attorney General of Nancy Jean-Jacques Bosc and the Territorial Director of the Judicial Police of Nancy Maurice Alibert, The French and American police received medals and gifts. But the journalists present were warned that the American agents would not give any interviews and that their photos should be blurred.

Two FBI agents were received at PJ’s premises in Nancy, but their identities were to be kept secret. © Radio France
Mohand Chibani

Thus, JV boss Maurice Alibert, who agreed to take part in the exercise, was delighted to greet his American colleagues: “Here in Nancy we are more accustomed to working with the Luxembourgish, German and Belgian police, this is the first time we have worked with the American authorities and in particular with the flagship federal agency like the FBI, which is one of the myths. , including among the French police. Cooperation with the United States is going very well, especially in cases of terrorism or organized crime.“.

More than $ 3 billion of fraud

The man, arrested by the French police, is currently being held in the Nancy-Maxeville prison. American justice sentenced him. international arrest warrant

Former Luxembourg secret service agent Frank S. is suspected of involvement in the OneCoin financial scam. who is said to have stolen over $ 3 billion from dozens of clients worldwide. The system was based on the “Madoff fraud” of rewarding investors with funds provided by new entrants.

The United States must submit an extradition request by June 28.

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