Cryptocurrency scam: YouTuber accused of stealing 4 million euros from almost 300 people

YouTuber Crypto Gouv scammed almost 300 people by offering them investments in cryptocurrencies. According to France Inter, this Monday, August 1, 4 million euros were redirected. Forty complaints were filed.

The history of cryptocurrency, trust and fraud. Youtuber is suspected of being the source of a €4 million scam, reports France Inter this Monday, August 1st. Calling himself Crypto Gouv on his Youtube channel, this internet user has managed to gather a community of 4,000 people with whom he has shared lessons on investing in cryptocurrencies.

As he exchanged views with members of the community, Crypto Gouv offered to make joint investments and offered attractive investment returns. Up to the point that projects are created by several participants.

Forty complaints filed

But in fact it was just a scam created by a YouTuber. While several netizens trusted the YouTuber with sums, the latter confiscated all funds, Franceinfo clarifies, adding that “According to a source close to the case, the death toll could be close to 300. “Investors placed one hundred euros, others – several tens of thousands of euros,” says France Inter Maître Asta-Vola, a lawyer for the three plaintiffs.

Additionally, on July 9, Cryto Gouv publicly announced on his regular chat channels that he was leaving with the money and accompanied his post with a tutorial explaining the underside of the scam.

The investigation, launched in mid-July, was entrusted to the gendarmes of the Paris research department, according to France Inter. Indeed, about forty complaints were filed. The damage is estimated at 4 million euros, according to a source familiar with the situation.

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