Cryptocurrency Solana has become the victim of a large-scale hack –

The crypto community is eligible for a new dose of adrenaline this Wednesday, August 3rd. The massive hack targeted more than 8,000 wallets containing SOL, the Solana project’s cryptocurrency, totaling over $6 million. As of this writing, the breach is still active.

What are we talking about. This is one of the most important projects in the field of cryptocurrencies. The Solana Foundation, which oversees it, is based in Zug. Solana is ranked ninth in the world by capitalization with over $13 billion. If the amount may seem large, it should be put into perspective: Bitcoin hit $437 billion and Ethereum around $194 billion. However, Solana is a major player in terms of cryptocurrencies and is sometimes seen as a potential competitor to Ethereum.

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