CryptoGPT: blockchain and AI together, is GPT the token of the future?

Just launched on the market, CryptoGPT promises a lot. The asset does include artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, two popular sectors. Enough to win?

Less than a week after launch, here is a token that has nothing to do with the trend of the crypto market. Indeed, CryptoGPT is currently on the rise and it is difficult to see what could stop its momentum. The token has been launched since Friday, March 10, and, undoubtedly, the launch of GPT-4 helped it a lot. Indeed, the emergence of this new version has greatly increased the number of AI tokens.

CryptoGPT: From ATH to ATH for the New AI Cryptocurrency!

In less than a week, the asset has already accomplished several big feats. If we stick to numbers alone, they will be pretty flattering. Thus, the GPT token has been steadily rising since its launch on March 10th. Although its ATL is $0.038 since last Friday, the cryptocurrency has been steadily rising since then. Indeed, the price of GPT is now $0.11, which means an increase of almost 200%. Even better, the asset just signed a new ATH. The highest price of this cryptocurrency was 0.126 USD and was reached on Thursday, March 16, 2023. The price of GPT has increased by 48% in the last 24 hours.

GPT/USD – CoinMarketCap

At the same time, the asset attracted the attention of traders. Indeed, while CryptoGPT’s market capitalization is currently $36 million, the 24-hour trading volume is $61 million. Success knowing that few tokens manage to have transaction volumes that exceed their market cap.

However, the token has everything to please and everything to succeed. Moreover, it is already listed on a large number of CEXs and DEXs, some of which are well known. But nevertheless, this Thursday, March 16, the token has just been listed on the Huobi crypto exchange; enough to further increase its activity.

Twitter CryptoGPT

So the token is already available on PancakeSwap, but especially on, MEXC, Bybit or Bitfinex. Big hit before probably taking on the biggest pieces: Binance, OKX, or even

Project tokenomics

Although it is believed that there are currently 300,000,000 tokens in circulation (CoinMarketCap), the project plans to release a total of 3,000,000,000 coins to the market. Tokens that will be issued gradually over 3 years. However, the largest releases usually occur after the 3rd month of the life of the token and up to 2 years. Indeed, after the first year, about 1.5 billion tokens should be in circulation, and after the second year – more than 2.5 billion.

gpt tokenomicsGPT tokenomics –

An important point of this tokenomics is that the project team should not receive a token during the first three months. However, millions of tokens will gradually fall into their hands, but not abruptly. This can prevent massive token sales by developers. What happens on many projects and quickly “resets” the rate of the crypt.

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