Cryptons push manga as bitcoin and token continue to drift into crypto winter


The craziest ideas come to life in the crypto industry. What was supposed to be an alternative to fiat currencies turned into something more. Many people have shared several innovations and ideas that have made the crypto industry a diverse and rich digital sector.

Nothing is prohibited as long as it is within reasonable and achievable limits. With Bitcoin (BTC) and Toncoin (TON) in the crypto marketplace, concepts range from decentralized finance (DeFi) to smart contracts. These innovations have made cryptocurrencies popular and some of these currencies are now accepted as payment methods by some organizations and industries.

Cryptoons (CTOONS) enters the industry as an artistic cryptocurrency. Graphic novels, comics, manga and webtoons are becoming more and more popular and Cryptoons is looking to find a way to incorporate them into blockchain technology. Art is an important aspect of life for so many people; They are in their element when they write and create funny things. Cryptoons takes advantage of this and creates a space where people can be themselves and share their art with other users.

With Cryptoons (CTOON), art meets cryptocurrency

Cryptoons combines art with cryptocurrency. This platform is designed to bring art, especially stories, to life. With three pillars of self-expression – digital accessibility, collectible printing and transparent transactions – Cryptoons hopes to become the network where people go for their manga and graphic novels. Cryptoons plans to connect writers and art creators with their fans to build communities and relationships while generating additional revenue.

Upon its official debut, Cryptoons will launch a comics panel where readers, writers and artists will find endless possibilities. At Comic Launchpad, users will be able to gain transparent and decentralized access to liquidity funds on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Although Cryptoons is currently not fully decentralized, once the community reaches a certain level of growth, the network will be transformed into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where users can actively participate in network governance. CTOON token holders will have an added advantage by submitting offers that can benefit the platform.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have grown into one of the most important concepts in the crypto industry since their launch on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017. The merging of graphic novels and other art forms on this platform with NFTs can bring big profits. for users and platform.

Bitcoin (BTC): transparent, uncensored transactions guaranteed

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency in the world and has opened the door to the creation of many other digital currencies, which has attracted several people into the crypto industry. It was launched in 2009 and although its value is currently falling due to the crypto winter, it is still one of the most valuable and popular currencies on the market. Transactions made on the Bitcoin platform are transparent and cannot be censored.

With Bitcoin, cryptocurrency can be sent and exchanged with anyone in the world. This platform has simplified transactions by eliminating the need for third parties from banking institutions and the government. Due to its flawless success over the years, Bitcoin has received several ranges, and some of them are as follows; Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently accepted as an alternative form of payment by several institutions.

Easily build decentralized applications with Toncoin (TON)

Ton is an open source network designed to provide high throughput. It plans to provide decentralized storage, an anonymous network, and instant payments. Ton is introducing smart contracts into its ecosystem with plans to become a flexible multi-blockchain platform. The tone is easy to use, cheap and efficient.

In addition, on the Ton network, users will be able to create their own decentralized applications (DApps). With Toncoin (TON) payments on the network, users can access micropayments efficiently. The TON token can be used for transaction fees, gas fees, and storage. TON token holders can also vote on amendments to the network.

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