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Launched in 2007, the Crysis FPS was recognized to be very resource intensive on PC. To make it run, you needed a hell of a racehorse. Thirteen years later, that is to say the time to have had a port on the consoles of the previous generation (PS3 and Xbox 360), Crysis is now available in a Remastered version on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC (Epic Games Store ). After all these years, you are surely telling yourself that the Crytek title should logically run smoothly on our living room machines, and although at the risk of disappointing you, it is not really the case.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about the franchise in a bit more detail. The Crysis license was therefore born in 2007 under the development of Crytek / Saber Interactive and has four components: Crysis Warhead released in 2008, Crysis 2 (2011), Crysis 3 available in 2013 and finally the 2007 Crysis taking advantage of this remaster. today. Moreover, this “2020” version brings Ray Tracing on consoles and PC. No, no, it’s not a joke, there is indeed a Ray Tracing system except that here it is simulated by software unlike a PC version relying on the power of graphics cards. The real effects of this technology should come directly on Xbox Series X / S and PS5 which will be released in a very short month (November 2020).

The same scenario

Let’s go back briefly to the specifics of the title before looking at its contributions and disadvantages felt during our gaming sessions. First of all, know that there is no change in terms of script. We find ourselves once again in the company of Nomad, a trained soldier with advanced technologies integrated into his Nanosuit.

The latter was sent to the fictional archipelago of Lingshan with his teammates in order to save researchers. In order to achieve this, we will have to get rid of the Korean People’s Army standing in their way.

The base keeps its charm

Several things characterize the gameplay of this particular FPS. In addition to the traditional shooting to defeat enemies, multiple guns and the possibility of equipping a weapon duo, the nanosuit has several subtleties with temporary effect. For example, you can be invisible using camouflage, use a shield, have an accelerated running speed, jump high enough or increase your physical strength. But like other games released after him (Vanquish,…), each action is governed by a rechargeable energy represented by a specific gauge. We can therefore empty it entirely or use it in small doses, facing the situation and managing as best as possible what we want to do at the time. Also note that all the faculties cannot be used at the same time.

These abilities are realized in a universe sporting a construction of a semi-open world style Far Cry. This wild island indeed allows a half-free exploration, understand by this that the exploration is quite correct in terms of area and allows to use several strategies against its opponents. If it remains nice on foot, there are also various phases in vehicles, but all is not rosy on the Archipelago.

Three possibilities, but …

Now that we’ve got back to the title, let’s talk about this remastered version. While we expected real optimization work given the new technologies that have appeared over the past decade, we are largely disappointed. Already, the first video when the software was announced had nothing to do with it, so we thought that the player’s feedback was going to change things, but unfortunately this is not the case.

So yes, logically after all this time the models have certainly gained in level of detail with some pretty panoramas, but by approaching the sets, the observation is much less glorious and we feel that the software has aged on that side.

And it is not the three display modes present (performance, graphics and Ray Tracing) on ​​Xbox One X that qualify this observation. No, precisely some come to aggravate it more.

Graphic Mode

As its name suggests, the graphics mode favors the visual part. However, as we experienced it, this mode is totally unplayable, with drops in FPS being legion, not to mention the concern related to responsiveness and the presence of image tearing.

Performance Mode

In performance, if we logically lose in resolution and image quality, fluidity is already more pleasant in this kind of experience.

Ray Tracing Mode

Finally, let’s come to Ray Tracing mode which should be the norm in the coming years. Without going into a ton of explanations, Ray Tracing is a technology allowing a more realistic rendering of light thanks to a tracing of thousands of rays. These rays also adjust according to the reflections on the objects, with the aim of having an almost real image that can be confused with reality.

Unfortunately, in Crysis Remastered this Ray Tracing, simulated by software, certainly brings small advantages but also disadvantages. On the positive side, we can note some reflections and shadows a little more realistic, but on the contrary, even if this mode is based on Performance, we note problems related to loading with jerks and tearing, and elements which pops suddenly.

In conclusion, out of these three choices, we must favor the Performance mode which remains more fluid and pleasant to play even if visually we lose visual appeal.

No optimization

On its sound part, the observation is the same: the sound mix is ​​still not developed since its initial release. If this is a criticism that we can make, it is not the only one because the bugs of the previous versions are still present in this remastered version (collision bugs, enemies stuck in the elements of the decor…).

Other than that, the AI ​​would need some tweaking. As it is, it is not uncommon to end up with opponents who absolutely do not notice us. While on the contrary, it is even more common to be faced with enemies who can spot us for miles around, exaggerating a little. Little advice, remember to adjust the aiming speed in the options to avoid inconvenience!

Tested on Xbox One X

Thirteen years after its initial release, this remastered 2020 version would have deserved much better. It is true that in a decade, our expectations were necessarily higher because technologies have evolved a lot since. So yes, even if Crysis keeps a certain charm while still being nice (in Performance at least), we would have liked a real optimization. For the moment too many bugs are present to advise it to a connoisseur, especially since the Xbox 360 version, admittedly less pretty, is backward compatible but also more pleasant to play.


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