CT Express navigates the digitization of express transport in companies

Until 2019, Gaëtan Corcoral held a field sales position at parcel and courier transport giant DHL Express. In this role of piston between the company and its customers, he was able to observe “a great lack of digitization” of express transport in companies. “The movement is underway, but many are not,” he says.

In September 2020, it launched CT Express, a brokerage and consulting firm in the optimization of express transport of parcels, pallets and mail. Already with the idea of ​​digitally transforming the logistics of its customers. “My two partners, Thibaud Lapacherie and Julien Albinet, provided me with the digitization skills I needed, particularly in IT development,” says the entrepreneur. His company, located in Ussac (Corrèze), is supported by the BGE network. You currently have an employee.

Strong demand for digitization

“Today, digitization represents around 80% of the activity, compared to 20% of the other pillar of our business model which corresponds to pure cost optimization, improved service quality and ‘internationalization’, continues Gaëtan Corcoral.

A somewhat unexpected situation for the manager, who rather predicted a 50-50 ratio at the start of his business. “We were driven by demand,” he says. Carriers faced a capacity bottleneck during the health crisis, which in particular reduced their bargaining power on costs. “

– CT Express

On the digitization side, CT Express is working on the development and then on the integration of digital tools such as the transport management system (or TMS for Transport Management System) or its business intelligence (BI) tool. The TMS allows you to centrally manage all shipments, delays and returns. “The idea is to return control of the flows to the customer,” adds Gaëtan Corcoral. The BI tool analyzes transportation data to facilitate decision making. “This can help identify where we pay the most surcharges and the points where it is possible to negotiate,” explains the entrepreneur.

Innovate with blockchain

Each project with a client has an average duration of six months. Last July, CT Express counted ten in total. “These are mainly projects with large companies or large SMEs and mid-cap”, indicates the manager.

Funded with equity capital, CT Express relies on innovation to go even further in terms of digitization. Therefore, you are developing a blockchain solution to automate processes and decision-making in express transportation. “One application could be to automatically compensate a customer and a sender in case the carrier damages a package,” illustrates Gaëtan Corcoral. The first tests are scheduled for 2022.

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