CULTURA and XBOX SERIES X …. it’s possible, and we explain how to be the first to buy the console during a sale!

We did an article for the Playstation 5 (since there were sales this morning), we will do the same for the Xbox Series X !
Here is a good opportunity to scavenge places in the event of sales of Cultura for the new console of Microsoft.

Indeed, when there is a sale, buyers noticed that the Cultura site had some display difficulties, bugs, or technical issues. Almost all the sites encountered problems with their infrastructure, which had difficulty in keeping up with heavy traffic. The e-commerce site may therefore encounter some problems.

We therefore offer a link below that may make life easier for some. Indeed, this link will allow you to add the console to your basket, in the event of sales at Cultura. You never know, it can save you a few precious seconds to get the Xbox Series X, especially when the product page fails to add you the console of your dreams.

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Note that this link will only actually work when the console goes on sale. To keep in your favorites:

1) Link to add the Xbox Series X directly to the cart (when the console goes on sale)

Do not forget that we made an article of links to buy the Xbox Series X everywhere on the web, see this link, and that the ConsoleFun discord is quite good when it comes to alerting players to the presence of consoles on the web.


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