CumRocket, the cryptocurrency for people over 18

In recent times, cryptocurrencies have become very popular with traders, and the number of companies accepting them as a method of payment continues to increase. The value of these virtual currencies does not stop climbing, as we can see with the example of Bitcoin which currently exceeds 53,000 US dollars.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, however, there can be surprises and even funny situations. Surely you have heard of coins with a dog’s head before, but did you know that there is also a virtual currency for adults? This cryptocurrency “prohibited to under 18” is called CumRocket or Cummies.

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What is even more surprising with the Cummies is that lately they have managed to reach the 3th position of the most valuable currencies on CoinMarketCap. Indeed, their price has gone from $ 0.00216 to $ 0.0256.

Adult cryptocurrency?

But why do we say that Cummies are adult coins? This qualification actually comes from the way we can use them.

Indeed, Cummies can be used on Degenerate Money where you can buy NFTs which are prohibited to under 18s. You can also use this platform to access subscription services offering adult content.

Success for the Cummies

Currently, Cummies are used by approximately 12,500 users. This number, along with the price which has increased significantly, can be considered a great success for the company behind CumRocket. The latter is also thinking of hiring new developers and a new technical director to strengthen the team.

Another sign showing the success of the Cummies, the cryptocurrency even gained backing from Johnny Sins who called it the “crypto version of OnlyFans”.

In the face of this growing popularity, CumRocket promises not to just become another “meme coin” – that is, money just good for memes. The company that manages it is also in the process of developing a decentralized exchange called “cumswap”.

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