Curse of the Dead Gods invites Dead Cells in its next expansion

Released barely two months ago, Curse of the Dead Gods, the brilliant roguelite from studio Lyonnais Passtech Games, has already announced its new extension. In addition to unveiling new elements such as new curses, a new style of two-handed weapon and other elements not yet known publicly, the French created the surprise by lifting the veil on a cross-over with Dead Cells!

Indeed, for a few months, the studio has been working with the teams of Motion Twin and of Evil Empire to integrate iconic elements of Dead Cells into the game. Curse of the Dead Cells will thus propose:

  • three new weapons : the sword of conjunctivius, the broad sword of the knight and the crossbow of the condemned.
  • a new curse: the curse of the Headless. This will allow your character to move faster but taking more damage.
  • a new challenge room containing a cursed chest.

In order to learn more about the game, its expansion and the hottest news from the studio, we had the chance to receive Margaux Saly, associate producer at Passtech Games. We had the opportunity to learn more about the game, about this new expansion but also behind the scenes of the Lyon studio. If you want to know more about the title, we invite you to discover it all in the video below.

The extension will be available free for all owners of the game and will be available from April 14 !

A big thank you to Margaux for her kindness and availability. It was a real pleasure to share this moment with him.

More info on Curse of the Dead Gods:

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