Customer Experience: Addressing training and culture gaps

It’s time to reach out to automation and cloud providers as much as possible, and redefine the roles of experts and CIOs. It’s time to make them more strategic business transformation advocates. The company recognizes that this is necessary. It’s about adapting the corporate culture and finding or developing skills that can get things done.

It was all driven by the digital frenzy that began in the spring of 2020 and turned tech professionals into customer service champions almost overnight.

“Over the past two years, technology professionals have evolved their skills to deliver resilient and transformative customer experiences,” said Chris Rittler, VP of CX Product Management at Cisco. “Working closely, the technical teams have developed effective processes to rethink how they create, capture and prioritize clients to keep pace with evolving professionals.”

Closer links between business and technology

Expanding the role of technologists is necessary as organizations rely on digital customer interaction for their business. “Technicians are now responsible for personalizing and automating customer experience solutions,” said Venu Guti, senior vice president of digital strategy and transformation at HGS.

The key is to create the strongest possible links between technology and business. “When technologists can share their data with marketing, sales, and other customer-facing departments, it’s easier to identify the changes and developments needed to improve the customer experience,” said Sharad Varshni, CEO of OvalEdge.

Customer experience and user experience design approaches “enable business analysts and business owners to demand better consumer experiences from technology groups, which in turn helps technology teams, such as developers, better assess and understand the need to improve customer experience.” the message says. Vienna Guti.

Basic skills you need to have

This extends to hiring models — the need to “blend, develop and hire talent based on their needs to meet customer service skill requirements,” Chris Rittler said. “Skills are fundamental to the success of digital transformation as they account for almost 40% of successful transformation investments.”

As with many things, this shift in focus requires a change in culture. “Executing effective customer engagement strategies is not just about the technology you implement, it’s about investing in a culture that prioritizes having sustainable, adaptive and transformative technologies,” said Chris Rittler. “To grow, those in the technology sector must use digital learning platforms to help today’s learners become tomorrow’s experts.”

Another limiting factor is the fact that “in the world of business and technology, there is always an ‘old guard’ standing in the way of progress that views technology as a backdrop,” said Sharad Varshni. “It’s a stumbling block, but it shouldn’t be.” On the contrary, technical and commercial managers should have equal status within companies.

cultural change

As part of the cultural shift, there is “an ongoing separation between the business teams and the tech teams,” Venu Guti said. “Different geographies, different departments or a different reporting structure – this division is always a barrier to delivering great customer service. Success requires redesigned team structures – this requires a mix of technologists, owner managers, experienced designers, test experts and project managers to work closely with each other.”

Ultimately, it’s about enabling business users to use technology as actively as technical professionals themselves. “When an organization has a united front to improve the customer experience through technology and learning, technical teams can refine and implement these measures,” said Sharad Varshni. “Ultimately, transparent and accessible governance within an organization can facilitate collaboration across different groups, and data management tools can be used to directly impact users.”

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