Cyber ​​attack on Royal Mail linked to LockBit hackers

According to The Telegraph, the Russian-speaking hacker group LockBit is behind a cyber attack on the British postal company Royal Mail, which this week forced it to stop sending international mail and parcels.

LockBit is particularly notorious for disrupting the Southern Île-de-France (CHSF) Hospital Center in Corbeil-Essonne with a spectacular cyberattack last August, or for claiming responsibility for a cyberattack on the French group Thales.

In the Royal Mail case, LockBit used ransomware that blocked the British Postal Group’s computer system used to print receipts needed to send packages overseas. A group of hackers are now threatening to release Royal Mail’s data on the dark web unless the company pays the required ransom.

On Wednesday, Royal Mail announced that it was experiencing major disruptions to its international postal and parcel services due to a cyber incident. The company has asked its customers to stop sending international mail until the issue is resolved.

Following this operation, the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), the UK government agency responsible for helping victims of cyberattacks in particular, is helping Royal Mail get rid of the ransomware.

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