Cyber ​​attack: Seine-Maritime department still slowing down

The Seine-Maritime department was added on Monday to the list of local governments targeted by hackers, just weeks after the cyberattack that affected the city of Caen. If college computer space is preserved, many of the procedures administered by the Departmental Board will be affected.

Lots of broken services

New requests for Individual Autonomy Allowance (APA) and Disability Compensation (PCH) cannot be processed at this time, the agency warned in a press release, indicating that file submissions are still possible in paper format.

Meanwhile, the Departmental Home for the Disabled (MDIN) has completely stalled, the procedures are completely dematerialized. Also blocked are separate schemes relating to youth, sports, bioethanol and low emission zones, as well as a grant portal to help municipalities.

Only the file management of RSA beneficiaries is not affected in any way, the departmental council clarified. He adds that departmental museums operate as usual, with the exception of their box office, which no longer accepts bank cards.

Ramsware attack?

The department floats into the spotlight after this attack, while ignoring its origins and being unable to estimate the time needed to restore and protect their servers. The agents of Anssi, the French cybersecurity policeman, have been mobilized and in the face of the potential risk of a data leak and in accordance with current regulations, a preliminary application has been made to the CNIL. A complaint has also been filed.

Departmental Council Services have told Digital Factory that no ransom demands have been submitted so far and that the goal is now to sift through all of their servers to determine the source of the attack. If information is scarce at the moment, it will take weeks, if not months, for the department’s departments to restore optimal functioning, and they could, like other communities that have been attacked before, get paper and pens.

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