Cyber ​​Security: A Guide to Compliance with the Law 25

According to Aubert Nungis, founder of One Lab Technologies, the guide includes a list of actions that send managers to actions that allow them to unravel the law, which “can be difficult for the uninitiated.” (Photo: 123RF)

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TECHNO DOOR CONSULTATION. Bill 25 comes into force on Thursday, modernizing legal provisions for the protection of personal information. To make sure your business is ready, the startup has developed a checklist guide.

The document from One Lab Technologies, the company behind the initiative, is about ten pages long. It includes a list that sends managers to courses of action so they can unravel the law, which “can be tricky for the uninitiated,” according to Aubert Nungis, founder of the IT needs startup Deals has joined.

Ober Nungisa says the guide is a cry from the heart for him, reminding people of the importance of taking cybersecurity seriously in a world where remote work has become the norm. “Before the pandemic, the entry point was at work in a specific location,” he adds. But the attack vector has changed a lot [en raison du travail à distance]”.

However, he notes some post-pandemic awareness of this among companies.

“It’s never too late!”

Know that if at the moment you understand that you are not at all ready or even have never heard of this law until now, “it is never too late to start,” Aubert Nungisa assures.

At the same time, the requirements of the law will be put into effect gradually, over three years, until September 22, 2024. That’s when the government will become stricter, says the founder of One Lab Technologies.

“What’s really important this year is to announce the person responsible for the data. This is the foundation,” says Ober Nungisa. It is this first point of the guide that reminds us that the contact details of the person in charge should be displayed on the organization’s website.

Another important change is the obligation to notify the Access to Information Commission and affected persons if you are the victim of a cyberattack. “Companies tend not to acknowledge phishing,” says Ober Nungisa. He adds that if we’ve been hearing about so many cyberattacks lately, it’s because companies around the world have this responsibility.

Humanize technology

Ober Nungisa admits that business owners are out of touch when it comes to cybersecurity and the steps they need to take to properly protect themselves. “People understand what cybersecurity is, but at the same time they don’t understand it,” he tries to illustrate.

He notes that entrepreneurs often say, “Create my solution,” to then implement it. However, the reality is sometimes different and the need to educate people remains important. “If a person understands why security is important, it is easier for him to make changes,” says the founder of One Lab Technologies.

That’s why he says he chooses to humanize technology to reach people. In other words, he wants to popularize and simplify terms and concepts that may be difficult to understand for a person without a legal or IT background.

Finally, Ober Nungisa reminds that meeting the government’s demands is only the beginning of the process. “The next question is how do I control [la protection des données] and continues to act ahead of the curve.


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