Cyberattack: US Embassy in Montenegro warns its citizens

Although Montenegro has been under cyber attacks for several days now, the US Embassy in Podgorica has issued a warning to American citizens.

Cyber ​​attack on Montenegro worries the US

An embassy publication released on August 26, 2022 states that “a persistent and continuous cyber attack continues in Montenegro. This attack could disrupt the utility, transportation and telecommunications sectors.” A message for the Americans who live there. An attack that worries the United States, especially since in Montenegro the defense minister accuses Russia of being involved in this attack.

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This ransomware attack, first confirmed by Montenegro’s National Security Agency (NSA) last week, targets multiple institutions in the country and threatens public infrastructure. Including electricity, water supply and transport. At the time of writing, the official website of the Montenegrin government was unavailable, and several power plants switched to manual mode after the attack.

Links established between Russia and hackers

If Montenegrin Defense Minister Rasko Konevich is blaming Russia, it is because relations between the two countries have been strained since Montenegro joined the NATO alliance in 2017. Since then, Russia has always threatened the small country with retaliatory measures. The US Embassy advises citizens living in the Balkan state to limit their travel, “review personal safety plans, and be aware of their surroundings.”

According to VX-Underground, a malware research group, cybercriminals from a group called Cuba claimed responsibility for the attack. On the darknet, the Cuban group claims to have received “financial documents, correspondence with bank officials, account movements, balance sheets, tax documents and source code from the Parliament of Montenegro.” Links were established between the Cuba Group and Russian-speaking hackers.

The attack on Montenegro comes just months after the Conti extortion group, also linked to Russia, attacked the government of Costa Rica.

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