Cybercrime. Vosges, 21, faces 116 years in prison

For two months, Paul Raoul struggled to get his son back to France. Sebastien, 21, spent two months in Tiflet 2 prison, east of Rabat, Morocco.

The story begins June 1st. The tourist visa of this former computer science student from the Epitech school in Nancy is about to expire. So he, who dropped out of school to travel the world, is preparing to fly to Brussels from Rabat. But he was arrested by the police because of an Interpol red card issued against him by the United States. The FBI suspects the young man of being an important member of the hacker group ShinyHunters, hackers involved in numerous corporate data thefts that are then sold on the dark web.

He denies all allegations

Large companies that are potential victims include Microsoft or the Korean giant SocialShare. Thus, American justice accuses him of the facts of “electronic fraud”, “theft …

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