Cybercriminal employee: here’s how much he earns

Ransomware, data theft, phishing… Cybercriminals are unaware of the crisis, quite the contrary. In recent years, we have even witnessed an explosion of cyberattacks. And in order to lead their ships, they need to attract many IT professionals into their ranks. A study by Kaspersky Lab accurately examined the job market on the dark web. The experts analyzed more than 200,000 proposals submitted between March and June 2022 from 155 sites.

Pirate, how much does it pay?

In general, it can be noted that developers are the most in demand, as 61% of job offers concerned them. They can expect to receive up to $20,000 per month. Attack specialists can earn up to $15,000 per month.

Another type of very popular professions: designers, network administrators, analysts, testers and reverse engineers. The latter earn between $2,000 and $7,000 a month, while all other employees earn between $1,300 and $4,000.

Beyond these salaries, we see cybercriminals rolling out the red carpet with the idea of ​​recruiting their future recruits. 34% of these jobs are offered full-time, while 33% promise flexible hours and 45% can be practiced remotely. Finally, 8% even offer paid vacations.

When it comes to hiring processes, they have nothing to envy about law firms. Resumes and portfolios are sometimes mandatory, while candidates are usually forced to attend an interview, as a regular company might do.

Beware of scams

However, Kaspersky would like to caution young graduates who are easily seduced by greed. The cybersecurity company does emphasize: “It should be noted that the risks associated with working for a dark web employer always outweigh the benefits. »

She adds: “The absence of a legally enforceable employment contract removes all responsibility from employers. The worker may not be paid or be involved in a fraudulent scheme (…) Many are attracted by the hope of making easy money and receiving significant financial benefits. Most of the time it’s just an illusion. »

Either way, this report highlights the notoriety of these cybercriminal organizations. You should also be aware that they sell their services on the dark web and that their services sometimes have nothing to send to IT companies. This gives you the opportunity to get hold of malware, and hackers will help you and promise real results.

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