Cybercriminals gained access to the data of 32,000 Revolut customers

British startup Revolut, specializing in money transfers and exchange services, was the victim of a computer attack. This information was noticed by journalist Charlie Perro, who published a tweet on September 15.

0.16% of customers affected

L’Usine Digitale has contacted Revolut for more details about the incident. He confirms that he was subjected to a “targeted cyberattack” that resulted in an “unauthorized person” being able to access “data from 32,000 customers”, representing “0.16% of customers”. This access was “for a short period” as the attack was “immediately identified and isolated,” the company adds, without giving a specific timeframe. The victims were contacted by email.

“There was no access to or theft of funds during this attack,” the fintech said in a statement. Therefore, more than 20 million customers do not have to worry: “the money (…) is safe.” This way, they can “continue to use their cards and accounts as normal.” The company declined to tell us whether it filed a complaint in addition to notifying the competent authorities as required by law.

Particularly sensitive information

The company remains unclear on one key issue: the nature of the data of the 32,000 customers the hackers were able to consult with. Since this is an online bank, the information processed may be particularly sensitive and its use may have serious consequences for those concerned. The next few weeks will be crucial to see if the criminals are trying to monetize this data.

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