Cyberpunk 2077 Analysis Dystopia in and out of video games

Lots of noise around him, as always when something is released that has been praying for years and years. Cyberpunk 2077 has been with us since December 10, and the waiter can assure without fear that left absolutely no one indifferent.

A first which caused all kinds of impressions and which polarized like never before to the gaming community. We wanted to take it slow, to move away a little from this whirlwind of criticism and praise to immerse yourself in Night City with all the calm possible of such a hectic 2020. Because yes, we’ve been playing it since launch, we’ve scrutinized it like never before, and now it’s time to be held to account.

The time has come to bring you Cyberpunk 2077 test.

Cyberpunk 2077 – The RPG We’ve Been Waiting For?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I would like to clarify a few things. For this review I played the PlayStation 4 version on a PS5. This meant that I was able to avoid the performance issues that have been seen in the current generation of consoles and their base models, as well as being able to enjoy a 60fps frame rate at all times. Also, I missed the population density of the Xbox and the very powerful graphics of the PC version.

It goes without saying I consider a launch like the one done for PS4 and Xbox One unacceptable, although thankfully these issues are something that has a cure and in fact has already improved a lot with the fixes that have arrived.

I won’t cheat on you. If it took almost a month since the launch of the game to publish this analysis, it is for two reasons: the first, study it and savor it thoroughly in order, with the sediment left, to be able to balance the good and the bad correctly; the second, wait and see how CD Projekt RED’s arrangements evolved.

Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot featuring Jackie WellesJackie Welles is a Cyberpunk 2077 character who does not go unnoticed by the way he is

It’s been 8 years of waiting and, with its lights and shadows, the Polish studio has released an open-world video game with an exceptional design and plot that, heart in hand, surprises like few others. Behind its neon lights, its explosions and this campaign which presented it almost as a “futuristic GTA” hides a story that is worth discovering.

But let’s not anticipate events. Let’s go in parts.

Grand Theft Auto looks like, Cyberpunk is

The idea that we are dealing with a hypervitaminated GTA is something that significantly interferes with the work of CD Projekt. Let’s be clear, throughout its main campaign it made it feel like we were up against a hooligan, free-to-play open-world game that would take us to a futuristic city. And it’s The worst mistake it could be committed.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person action RPG. There’s a lot of filming, there’s a lot of lines of dialogue, there’s a lot of character progression, and there’s a lot of decisions to be made. In the first few minutes you are dealing with a much talked about editor, as well as a backstory of your character that determines how you are and what you can do.

Hideo Kojima is an NPC in Cyberpunk 2077Hideo Kojima is one of Cyberpunk 2077’s NPCs

And here the first problem appears. It seems the Polish studio desperately wanted their game to make some noise, neglecting consistency and attention to detail What we would have expected from those who signed The Witcher 3. At first you come across an editor that lets you tweak genitals, but doesn’t let you mess with the character’s complexion. At the start you come across 3 branches of characters that affect the first 10 minutes of the game and some specific decisions, but nothing of influence, in the plot.

It’s like a singer who manages to hit a really high note, but fails to maintain the tone during his performance. It attracts attention, but for now it just goes away because everything else is teetering.

What’s the matter with that? What is extrapolated to the whole game.

My name is V

Cyberpunk 2077 corrupt gameThe PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 had serious issues with games

The protagonist of Cyberpunk 2077 is V. You are V and the game makes sure you are clear at all times. You are someone who has to walk through the worst areas of Night City and end up challenging a huge mega-corporation while finding your existence is hanging by a thread.

There is a very interesting twist in this title that takes you completely off guard and makes you want to keep moving forward, a title that you will of course not discover here. And that’s something that, in a way, annoys. Because it shows that the studio can do it right and that he still has what it takes to make a good story. What is the problem then? Everything that surrounds the plot.

AV, you can turn it into whatever you want. Forge alliances or sow enemies with different factions, modify his body to improve his combat skills, dress him however you like or even delve into his skill tree at the same time as you increase his reputation to sharpen him at your leisure while Forge a legend in Night City.

In Cyberpunk 2077 you can buy carsHaving a car or motorbike is essential for getting around Night City

From this point of view, it is consistent everything you expect from an RPG. Character level, progression and statistics system. Even weapons have a damage indicator and the ability to generate modified states. Cyberpunk 2077 also lets you play one way or another depending on how you level up your character.

Would you rather go crazy with your shotgun or are you more stealth and hacking of devices and people? Do you want to shine your electrified katana or are you going to stand on a hill to shoot your sniper rifle? What if you rebuilt the scene for clues that give you an advantage? During the first hours, these decisions constantly arise and make you take advantage of all the options open to you.

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However, you end up seeing the cardboard. The enemies’ very weak artificial intelligence ends up making it more enjoyable to go straight into shootouts than to consider other options. The hacking system looks old fashioned. Decisions in conversations, for example, are limited to one or two important decisions and some superficial ones that are of no use. AND Neurodances, which are what is used to reconstruct the facts in some missions, they are not exactly abundant despite their interest.

Something is wrong when a game gives you so many tools but doesn’t give them all the same relevance. And especially when it was one of its most important premises. Apprentice of everything, master of nothing.

What is happening to Night City?

Cyberpunk 2077Cyberpunk 2077 supports ray tracing

I made a mistake with a Corpo to pay a robot to a group of gangsters and, in the end I killed the group, I kept the robot and the corpo. I tried to swindle members of an enemy gang and even helped an ATM that envisioned the meaning of life.

I won’t cheat on you Cyberpunk 2077 gave me a lot of missions that I loved. Even made me destroy decorative flamingos because a car (yes, a car) was terrified of him. But, on the flip side, it also got me into chases that got solved by some completely stupid AI, or missions that just ended.

A silly stroll through town serves to discover so much to do, but only in the form of missions. Characters who call you on the phone to offer you orders or sell you vehicles, or who simply appear marked on the map to see what they can offer you. There really is a lot to do. The problem is that this open world is not organic.

Leaving aside the small population that appears in the PlayStation version, the feeling Night City conveys is that It is a magnificent and overwhelming decoration, but inert. Something you can look at, but not touch. It’s like seeing the set in a theater or a movie. From the outside it looks good, but inside you can see all the seams.

Cyberpunk 2077 durationIt’s huge

The fact is that Cyberpunk 2077 is not a movie, it’s a video game, and to top it off, an open world. His world is not well constructed from the point of view that this medium should offer, and less so when, look where, we have stuff like GTA. Passers-by are mad with rage, and sometimes they don’t even react when you hit them, or they just disappear when they feel threatened.

If you want to create a believable and immersive game world, you can’t hide yourself in a few breathtaking scenarios on your own. You have to offer life. You need to make sure the traffic knows how to react to you, not that it gets stuck not knowing what to do as soon as you leave a car in the middle of the road, or that NPCs don’t flinch when you kill someone in the road. full face.

For every good experience I had, Night City and the game threw me a pitcher of cold water that got me out of the dive. Cars exploding or falling from the sky at random, NPCs reacting to absolutely nothing or errors that directly forced me to restart console.

When will Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer be released?  That's all we knowCyberpunk 2077 screenshot

The worst part about it is that these problems that arise from the behavior of the world it is not something that is fixed with patches. This is something that needs to be reprogrammed, and CD Projekt RED currently has other priorities.

The bittersweet taste of Cyberpunk 2077

Elon Musk trolls Cyberpunk 2077One of the many possible versions of V

I want it to be clear that I really enjoyed Cyberpunk 2077. I was very happy when I managed to break through the emotional wall of Panama and get to know her inside out, I was “screwed” attending a funeral for a good friend and it weighed a lot to want to connect more. with Johnny knowing what it was for me to do. CD Projekt RED knew playing notes with exceptional skill and mastery.

It is an exciting experience if you connect with it, but also he travels constantly. Its world is overwhelming, its atmosphere is brutal and its characters have immense charisma. I love them, but the backpack I carried to make this path got heavier and heavier because of the issues that arose while playing.

It’s a game too inconsistent and limited. It does not live up to its name, nor that of those responsible. He has times in which he shines tremendously, and others in which he frustrates like few others. I must admit that I laughed, that I had fun and that it even stirred me. I had times when I didn’t know what to say in a conversation.

But also others in which I must have laughed at their “broken” aspects. It is disappointing that something so ambitious and awesome has gotten out of hand for this team as what they had was really good and they weren’t able to take it on the right track neither in development nor at the organizational level. I enjoyed Cyberpunk 2077, but not at all as expected.

Cyberpunk 2077Johnny Silverhand is the best character in the game

▪ Release date: 12/10/2020

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