Cyberpunk 2077: has CD Projekt ditched the fat PS4 and Xbox One?

Game news Cyberpunk 2077: has CD Projekt ditched the fat PS4 and Xbox One?

The life of Cyberpunk 2077 has until today not really been a long calm river, especially if we look at the consoles and more specifically the PS4 Fat / Pro and Xbox One / One X. the near unplayability of certain versions of the game, which alone accounted for a good part of the pre-orders of the CD Projekt game, the backlash was quick and the studio, afterwards apologized – a little late – working to rectify these versions, notably with the arrival of a massive patch 1.2 that Digital Foundry has dissected in depth.

The thorny case of Fat consoles

Rated 17/20 on PC in our columns, Cyberpunk 2077 was however a unique case. The PS4 Fat and One Fat versions were rated 7/20 while the One X / PS4 Pro versions were rated 11/20. This catastrophic optimization case, almost unprecedented and all the more unlikely since it involved a reputable studio and a highly anticipated game, led CD Projekt to shake up its schedule for Cyberpunk 2077. Where the next gen patches were to arrive shortly after release, that a handful of DLC was to arrive to flesh out the content of the title and that multiplayer was brewing in the studio’s boxes, priority has been given to fixing game bugs on all platforms, but above all hard work to make older generation console versions at least acceptable failing to comply with the promise of the promotional campaign, very urgent, surrounding the game.

Cyberpunk 2077: has CD Projekt ditched the fat PS4 and Xbox One?

If we will not mention here the misadventures of the Polish studio, which was the victim of a rather virulent hacking, further compromising its plans for the future, the first real developments were slow to appear, but very recently, the most massive of patches offered for the game so far has been rolled out. As evidenced by this colossal patch note, Cyberpunk 2077 has therefore benefited from several hundred fixes, mostly related to content, but Digital Foundry technicians have delivered an interesting analysis of what this patch brings preciously in terms of performance. What emerges is unfortunately not in favor of the Microsoft team, the machines of Sony having obviously benefited from more care than its competitors, even if the fat versions of the two machines could seem to be neglected.

PS4 Fat gameplay clip, captured at game release

A PS4 Pro at the center of all attention?

Without going into details, which you can consult on this complete article from our colleagues, the optimizations are clearly in favor of the PS4 Pro, slightly favoring the PS4 Fat, while the improvements are less for the Xbox One / S / X. Indeed, the performance jump on the side of the PS4 Pro is described as a major, and the version of the game seems to finally be able to display without too much eyebrow a framerate of 30 frames per second, sometimes a little less, but without sudden drops even during certain sequences particularly demanding for the machine. It is however mentioned that admittedly, and this is not surprisingly, during portions of the game having multiple textures, effects or PnJ to display, the framerate can be overdue, but overall, the course between patch 1.1 and 1.2 is clearly felt, although this latest update seems to have focused mostly on fixing bugs rather than pure performance. However, all is not rosy since the version tester experienced crashes during his playing session on this machine.

Cyberpunk 2077: has CD Projekt ditched the fat PS4 and Xbox One?Cyberpunk 2077: has CD Projekt ditched the fat PS4 and Xbox One?

On the Xbox side unfortunately, things are not as positive, and the room for improvement is much less marked than on Sony machines. It is here primarily on the One X and not its big sisters that Digital Foundry’s attention has been drawn, and unfortunately performance concerns seem to persist. If no crash has been experienced on the machine, fluidity has obviously not made a big leap forward and the framerate is still unstable as soon as, for example, we switch to fast driving in the streets of Night City.

Versions condemned from the start?

There was therefore work in the premises of CD Projekt, and the work is essentially noticeable on PS4 Pro, even if it should be remembered, as Digital Foundry did, by the way, that whatever happens, Cyberpunk 2077 was designed for the PS5 and Xbox Series, not the previous generation. Unfortunately, this patch 1.2 offers a rather sinister observation: that of the neglect of the primitive versions of the PS4 and Xbox One. Indeed, according to the site’s analyzes, a tiny improvement measuring 2 or 3 images per second has been observed since the update was deployed., but the crashes as well as the lack of fluidity of the whole are still omnipresent, suggesting that these versions have been neglected altogether. But is this really the case?

Cyberpunk 2077: has CD Projekt ditched the fat PS4 and Xbox One?

Because yes, it is advisable to ask the question whether CD Projekt privileged or not an iteration of the machines of previous generation rather than the others. Not so sure, because ultimately if the problem is here, it does not date back to today. One might think that CD Projekt does not care today to optimize its game for the vanilla versions of the Sony and Microsoft machines, but the worm was already in the fruit, even before the game was released. It is not necessary to recall that the studio has never unveiled an image of its game on these platforms before its release, knowing that the versions in question were not unveiled to the press until 24 hours before the game was released. the dust under the carpet spoke volumes enough that the question arose as to whether the versions in question were salvageable or not. Considering Digital Foundry’s analyzes, it would seem that the answer is no and that the Fat and One S versions are not recoverable, even with the best will in the world.

Gameplay clip captured at game release, on PS4 Pro

In the end, it’s not so much that CD Projekt doesn’t want to save the original versions of consoles, it’s that it probably can’t.. Entangled in a far too early announcement of the game and presentations at the time when the PS5 and Xbox Series were not yet unveiled, CD Projekt had to honor its promise to deliver its game on all confirmed platforms, despite technical impossibilities which would allow to play in a manner at least acceptable on any machine. This is the whole drama, which we could come back to for hours on end: wouldn’t it have been better for the studio to simply cancel the old gen versions of the game in order to avoid the legitimate disappointment of the users of these platforms? Undoubtedly, and, apart from all commercial and constraining considerations for the studio and which undoubtedly dictated unfortunate decisions, from a consumer point of view, what is today a feeling of betrayal would only have been ” ‘a’ feeling of disappointment. Because today, these versions do exist, users have paid for them and, if they have not been reimbursed for them, they find themselves with a version on their hands that in no way does justice to the real charms of Cyberpunk 2077, also with a hope that things will get better and shrink as the updates supposed to improve the situation follow one another without more concrete improvements.

In light of the first massive patch for Cyberpunk 2077, it would be easy to argue that CD Projekt forgot about the idea of ​​upgrading FAT versions of previous generation consoles. The embryonic improvements in performance on the platforms in question are opposed to those much more marked and seen on PS4 Pro, which does not testify to the studio’s unwillingness to try to improve things on the first versions. consoles, but rather the technical impossibility to achieve it, to the detriment of the consumer, unfortunately cheated.

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