DAIJA Arcade Stick – Play Like Kayane!

Do you like Versus Fighting? So why not treat yourself to a great arcade joystick?

The first DAIJA Arcade Stick was released in 2018, but it was exclusive to Playstation consoles. A new version is available at the end of 2022 and, icing on the cake, there is a new DAIJA Arcade Stick with an Xbox compatible version. And it was in this version, of course, that Nacon gave us the opportunity to test it.

Big, heavy box!

The DAIJA Arcade Stick is an arcade controller designed in collaboration with Kayane, a well-known figure in the esports scene, capable of giving double the score to any fighting game player. She knows a lot about combat and we can trust her to give good advice on designing a controller that will hold up in the pro scene as well. You should already know that the DAIJA Arcade Stick is a beautiful baby. The box is quite large and weighs its weight. On scales DAIJA weighs about 3.5 kg. We immediately feel the seriousness of the product: it is far from being cheap! It’s durable, stylish, clean, and we feel like we can hit the buttons without releasing them between our fingers. If you can’t fight, I can tell you, it’s not because of the DAIJA Arcade Stick.

It’s all about the details

The Xbox model is black and has the Menu, View, and Share buttons we’re used to seeing on our Xbox series controllers, as well as the all-important Xbox button to turn on the beast. The design matches very well with the design of our Xbox consoles elsewhere. For example, it does not distort near the Xbox Series X. The DAIJA Arcade Stick contains two different format joysticks, three included cover art, two setup tools, and a three-meter USB-C cable. The box opens up, allowing you to store all the accessories inside and be able to do some hardware tweaks… Or slip a mascot into a competition, who knows?

Ready for action

Ergonomics DAIJA is excellent. Admittedly, the baby weighs its weight, and it’s possible that it’s a bit heavy on our knees for a long play session, but other than that, everything is perfectly lubricated. The textured wrist rest is very comfortable and avoids playing too hard. The keys respond very well and don’t make any annoying noise that could cause the system to malfunction. I took the opportunity to play Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat 11 and I felt like I was in an arcade but with my ass on the couch. Finally, for those who want, for example, to customize the layout of the keys in all directions without fiddling with wiring, there is a special application for this.

Get your hands dirty

The DAIJA Arcade Stick is a great product. It will be of interest to all players who like to spend hours playing fighting games. But you will have to accept its price. Priced at €279.99, it won’t be available for all budgets. By comparison, we are talking about the price of the Xbox Series S… But here we are paying for the quality of the materials and, frankly, it is (very) heavy in the field. If you have the means to indulge yourself, don’t hesitate, this is a great arcade joystick for our Xbox consoles!

Ready for a fight

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