Daimler Truck overtakes Tesla and unveils its first electric truck

Daimler Truck is about to overtake Tesla. On Sunday, September 19, the world leader in trucks introduced its first all-electric truck with a payload of 40 tons. A prototype Mercedes-Benz car, dubbed the electric “eActros LongHaul”, was unveiled at a press conference ahead of the German IAA utility trade show, which opens in Hannover on Monday. The eActros, with a range of about 500 kilometers per battery charge, is expected to be ready for series production in 2024.

Truck batteries can be sequentially charged from 20 to 80 percent at a charging station with a capacity of about one megawatt in less than 30 minutes. American e-commerce giant Amazon and German logistics group Rhenus will be testing the vehicle in real operation from 2023 under an agreement signed with Mercedes-Benz Trucks, one of the Daimler Trucks group’s brands. The manufacturer is also presenting in Hannover a second version of the eActros for transporting goods in urban and suburban areas with a range of 300 kilometers and a load capacity of up to 40 tons.


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1.2 million kilometers in ten years

These electrified trucks have been designed with the same durability requirements as the diesel version of the Actros. This means that in ten years of operation, the electric truck must travel 1.2 million kilometers, Mercedes-Benz assures. According to Daimler Truck, CO2-neutral commercial vehicles will account for up to 60% of sales in thirty European countries by 2030. American competitor Tesla was strong in 2018 to release a 40-ton model with a range of 800 kilometers, expecting to start mass production in 2019. Those plans have been shelved, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised deliveries of his electric truck would get off to a good start “this year,” according to an August tweet.


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