DAOventures simplifies access to DeFi Cointribune

For DeFi without challenges for its users: this project aims to simplify DeFi for beginner investors. In particular, he advises them on the best investments in order to maximize returns while minimizing risk.


DeFi advisor to explode adoption of the sector

DAOventures is a personal robot-advisor whose mission is to simplify access to decentralized finance.

Beginners can thus invest in DeFi without having to learn the technical details of the protocols, while sparing them the arduous search for projects with the best returns.

DAOventures is described as an “automated DeFi fund manager”; it aims to maximize gains and minimize risks. DAOventures demystifies DeFi, and reduces barriers to entry into the sector.

Potential investors must provide liquidity to an investment pool. DAOventures seeks in return the investments with the best returns.

1,000 DVG to vote

DAOventures has the following qualities:

  • simplicity: users can choose from a range of investment opportunities, from an intuitive and easily understandable dashboard;
  • security: the code is subjected to a security audit, an open-source review, and a penetration test;
  • credibility: the team behind DAOventures is as transparent as its code – no anonymity ;
  • accessibility: a common investment pool model allows users to save on transaction fees on Ethereum (ETH).

The DAOventures has a governance token, the token DVG, conferring a voice to vote to its holders. Each voter must however have a minimum of 1,000 DVG so that he can exercise this right.


Tokens DVG can only be acquired through staking using the smart contract of DAOventuresa good “exercise” for beginners in DeFi.

Banks do have their client advisor, why not DeFi? The latter must therefore become simpler to attract new investors – we don’t invest in what we don’t understand. Each project should also make the effort to use jargon that is easy to understand, or to explain as simply as possible, terms that may be a blockage for new investors. Certain terms in English should not be literally translated into French: “forge” or a “farm” in finance, it still feels weird! The Coin Tribune is not a robot – nor an advisor for that matter – but the media strives to educate its readers on the various cogs of decentralized finance.

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