Dapper Labs seduces the NFL and launches an NFT market around American football

Dapper Labs could make NFL annals: The company has plans to launch an NFT market for American football with the National Football League (NFL) and NFL Players Associations (NFLPA). Cryptophilic NFL players will finally get the green light from the League to play the field of non-expendable tokens.

Dapper Labs, NFL and NFLPA: An Attack Strategy to Build an NFT Market

According to an article in the Sports Business Journal (SBJ), Dapper Labs plans to work with the National Football League and the NFL Players Associations to launch a football-oriented NFT market. The latter would allow buying and selling NFT trading cards containing the highlights of NFL games. It should see the light of day before the end of the current season, in early January 2022. The NFT and the NFLPA would take a stake in Dapper Labs as part of this collaboration.

This new partnership between the parties could be linked to restrictions imposed by the NFL in early September 2021. The league had banned all teams from entering into sponsorship deals with cryptocurrency trading companies or NFTs, or any other category of media. Blockchain, even the NFL establishes a strategy “for trading cards and sports digital arts.” “

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Through this deal with the NFL, Dapper Labs would become the NFLPA’s second largest source of digital license revenue. The company is behind EA Sports’ “Madden” video game series.

Cryptocurrencies already have the support of NFT players such as Tom Brady, who launched the NFT autograph market in early 2021, or Trevor Lawrence, who signed an endorsement deal with Blockfolio. Tom Brady is also a lead actor in the recent FTX commercial.

This Dapper Labs project comes days after the company raised $ 250 million in funding, during a Series D fundraiser run by US investment firm Coatue Management. It will help strengthen Dapper Labs’ leadership position in NFT sports like the NBA Top Shot.

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