Daredevil Born Again (Disney+): First Details of Marvel’s Reboot –

After the appearance Matt Murdoch in Spider-Man: No Way Home and the return of the Marvel/Netflix series to Disney+, there was no doubt that the Daredevil character played by charlie cox was going to return in new adventures in the MCU. And Marvel Studios just confirmed it.

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Daredevil in reboot

American studio took advantage Comic-Con in San Diego announce constructionnew series. Probably it willreboot after the first three seasons shown on Netflix. The title shared by Marvel also seems to support this thesis: Daredevil is born again.

What to expect?

Resurrecting Daredevil under the banner of Disney shouldn’t be without ambition anyway. While most Marvel programs don’t exceed 10 episodes, Daredevil Born Again will have 18 episodes.

We also have confirmation that Vincent D’Onofrio will return to the place Caid. He has already answered charlie cox on Netflix and made a wonderful appearance in Hawkeye…

First appearance in She-Hulk

To lend credibility to its new Daredevil, Marvel is planning to introduce his character in the upcoming She-Hulk series on Disney+. August 17. BUT first image of his new red and yellow suit was also featured in the latest teaser for the series, which can be seen below.

You can see this moving preview in new trailer She-Hulk which gives us some details about the challenges that Bruce Banner’s cousin, aka the Hulk, will have to face:

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She-Hulk series coming to Disney+ with next 17 august.

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