Dark AEW results for July 26, 2022

A quick look at AEW Dark from DATE July

Excalibur and TAZ commentators.

– The AEW Dark show begins with the arrival of the wrestlers.

Single match

Kira Hogan defeats Ellie Rex with a three-count roundhouse kick.

Single match

Alex Reynolds knees Ryan Nemeth and sits on Nemeth at the corner to give him an Avalanche Stunner on the count of three.

Single match

Marina Shafir defeats Tracey Nix by submission with her Greedy to incapacitate her.

Single match

Slim J defeats Blake Lee via submission with the Flatliner and he proceeds to use STF to knock him out.

Single match

Julia Hart defeats René Michel via submission with the Ring of Saturn to knock him out.

Single match

Cole Carter defeats Mike Orlando with a Superkick and 450 Splash on a count of three.

Single match

Angelo Parker defeats Cameron Stewart with a three-count DDT.

Single match

Aria Daivari defeats Blake Christian with a clothesline and finishes it off with a Frog Splash on the count of three.

– After the fight, Tony Schiavone asks Ariya Daivari what is happening to him. Daivari says he has good news. After July 4, his confidence took over, he is now the richest man in wrestling, including Tony Khan. Tonight he watched Slim Jay play and made a big impression on him. So he bought Slim J’s contract and Slim J works for him. Over the next few weeks, he will be watching wrestlers from all over the world to see who wants to join him.

Single match

Dante Martin defeats Peter Avalon with his Springboard Moonsault on the count of three.

– We’re going to the OTT Wrestling Poetry Slam Event for Park’s match.

AEW All-Atlantic Championship – Singles Match

PAC remains champion against LJ Cleary, resisting the Canadian destroyer and he pulls on Cleary’s arm to knock him to the ground. He continues to use his Brutalizer to make it hit.

The episode ends with a PAC celebration.

You can watch the release in full:

photo credit: AEW


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