Dark Side by Nizar Saidi at Hammamet 2022: Expression of ambient Chaos

Nizar Saidi’s performance “The Dark Side” was presented to the public as part of the Hammamet Festival 2022. The dramaturgy of this performance and its co-writing were performed with Dr. Abdelhalim Massoudi. Presented on the evening of Tuesday, July 26, 2022, the Tunisian performance “The Dark Side” evokes associations with the “lost” التائهون, as its name in Arabic suggests.

The show is dedicated to the rise of crime in Tunisia and brings together comedians such as Tumadher Zrelli, Ramzi Azaiz, Djamel Sassi, Intissar Aissaoui, Ali ben Said, Mohamed Shaabene and Sadak Trabelsi. The Dark Side questions the bitter reality of a decaying society. The same company that remains at the center of Saidi’s creations, from the oldest to the latest.

The piece explores the fragile aspects of our homeland and Tunisia, questioning inventory and supporting criticism. It depicts misguided citizens, mired in chaos and excesses.

The work revolved around the failings of our society: she questions them, working on stage with the fears and questions of Tunisian audiences. What caused this chaos? And how did we get here? Through hands-on handling, the message easily reaches a receptive audience. How do children break out of the control of their elders? How does drift begin in this spectator society, thirsty for fiction and devoid of human values ​​…? The Dark Side provides answers through its plot.

Again in the video about the performance of Nizar Saidi “The Dark Side”

summary of Nizar Saidi’s play “The Dark Side”: A plot that begins with a heinous crime: a young girl kills her mother, and then uploads a video to the network to justify her act. Immediately, the main characters begin an investigation to shed light on the real reasons that pushed this young girl to commit the irreparable.

The audience has an appointment with the great Lotfi Bouchnac, who will take the stage in Hammamet on the evening of July 27, 2022.

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