Dark Web: Marseille prosecutors demand the dismissal of Haurus in criminal court

Le Monde has learned that the Marseille prosecutor’s office is demanding that a case of “passive corruption on the part of a public authority” against Hourus, a former DGSI policeman already sentenced to five years in prison for selling information from the police, be brought to criminal court. files on the dark web.

Some of these “doxes” would indeed have been used to prepare nine premeditated murders as part of an organized gang targeting drug thugs in Marseille, five of whom were actually killed, sometimes only days after receiving the information – requests for the identification of subscribers. , detailed billing with geolocation and differentiation, IP addresses… to which he agreed, “only acting out of greed.”

“I consider myself stupid for not trying to understand at least a little, because I had blinders on, and because I raced at breakneck speed. Maybe subconsciously I was trying to shield myself from reality, ”he admitted in 2020.

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