Darktrace launches PREVENT product line

Darktrace announces the release of Darktrace PREVENT™, an interconnected set of artificial intelligence products that provide proactive cybersecurity to help organizations anticipate future cyberattacks. Darktrace PREVENT is the third of four Cyber ​​AI Loop products from Darktrace, the first set of AI features that work together autonomously to optimize an organization’s security level through a continuous feedback loop.

The new Darktrace PREVENT line builds on innovations developed by the Cambridge Center for Cyber ​​AI Research and skills acquired through the acquisition of Cybersprint in March 2022. PREVENT uses AI to “think like a hacker” by finding ways to access an organization’s most important assets. inside and outside. Using artificial intelligence that knows your networks, it constantly analyzes the organization’s most devastating attacks and feeds that information back to DETECT and RESPOND to support continuous learning and automation to harden systems.

This line of Darktrace products is designed to proactively protect organizations from the growing volume and sophistication of cyber threats that make it difficult to identify and prioritize their most serious vulnerabilities. In new data released today, Darktrace shows that high-priority security incidents increased by 49% between January and June 2022 across its global customer base. During the same period, Darktrace saw a 138% increase in cybersecurity impacting customers in government-related industries worldwide. In June, the information and communication sector was the most targeted for all Darktrace clients worldwide. In the United States, the financial services sector has been hit the hardest.

In addition, security teams have to deal with an ever-increasing volume of vulnerabilities and don’t have the resources to fight on all fronts. With the launch of PREVENT, Darktrace offers more predictable and proactive solutions to combat cyber threats and business risks rather than waiting for a breach to occur before taking action. According to new data released today, based on external vulnerability data from over 150 organizations, Darktrace shows that 85% of high-risk vulnerabilities are not patched within a week, and 70% are still unpatched and patched within a month. Security teams don’t have the resources to fight on all fronts and can no longer be content with reacting.

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