Data and security will go hand in hand in 2023

To date, few companies have yet to fully understand the importance of data, although many are still trying to find ways to make the most of it.

In order to achieve this in the current environment prone to severe shocks, special attention must be paid to data security; Obviously, this is the aspect that will matter in 2023 between successful companies and the rest. This vigilance must be exercised on four different levels.

1. Data security

In 2022, companies are focusing on cloud security. In 2023, their focus will be on data security.

In recent years, the focus has been on infrastructure speed through the cloud, infrastructure as code, and Shift Left. Tools have been released to the market that allow companies to manage their cloud practices and monitor the attack surface in such contexts of rapid data exchange.

In 2023, faced with a focus on data sovereignty and future regulations such as the European Health Data Space, data managers will be more interested in movement, origin, health and data governance.

2. Role of the Chief Information Security Officer

The Chief Information Security Officer will move from being a technologist to being a risk advisor and then to being a strategic contributor.

Companies have realized that CIOs benefit from a unique perspective on their business and the opportunities and risks they face. The role of the Chief Information Security Officer is to protect the business and ensure that informed balance sheet decisions are made from a holistic perspective.

The 2023 Chief Information Security Officer will need to behave like other decision makers whose mission is not only to manage profit impact but also to determine how to make a strategic contribution. Metrics should consider how the Chief Information Officer will impact deal size, accelerate product launches, or create new lines of business while continuing to assess and manage security risks.

3. Understanding data and corporate culture

Understanding data will have a tangible impact on corporate culture, but only if security measures are taken.

As information literacy becomes a constant topic in conversations at the highest level, all stakeholders in the company, including security professionals, should be involved. Widespread understanding of data will have a tangible and beneficial impact on corporate culture, but only if security measures are put in place.

In 2023, security leaders and managers will need to encourage business partners to treat data like currency as it contains key information about business activity. To keep these valuable assets safe, it’s critical to create a data culture that includes controlled access to information and training programs that reinforce employees’ sense of data ownership.

4. Simplify and consolidate security technology stacks

Simplifying and unifying security technology stacks will enable business leaders to more effectively manage current risks.

Security organizations will seek to consolidate their tools and approaches to provide an end-to-end view of all aspects of security and the associated risks. In recent years, the focus has been on Infrastructure as Code, Shift Left, Onboarding and Deployment Automation, and Security. Suppliers began to carve out niches in various areas associated with these structural upheavals. Transformations in the economic environment, including the fact that companies must accurately measure their costs, a slowdown in investment that has led to a repricing of start-ups, and downsizing will lead to a consolidation of solutions that will be kept.

Companies that can trace their platform and product security history from start to finish, enabling teams and decision makers to scale quickly with context, will be at the top. The days of isolated individual decisions are over, and the challenge for experts is to bring the different parts together to form a coherent whole. Companies will need to consolidate their security scenarios and this will allow them to benefit from a better understanding of risk. They can then focus on how best to make decisions that will greatly benefit the entire organization.

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