Data at the service of company management

Image: Toucan Toco.

In times of crisis, piloting becomes a complex exercise. It requires agility and a lot of information. This data already exists today in the systems. However, they are scattered, and reconciling them is often difficult. Leaders therefore often base their decisions on fragmented information.

Making this data more readable, accessible to non-experts and shared by everyone within the organization, in order to break down silos and make better decisions, is what the start-up Toucan Toco is proposing. Its platform will therefore connect to the various systems in place (CRM, ERP, etc.) in order to unify it, then render it in the form of visualizations.

Aggregate information and simplify its use

The publisher thus presents itself as a player in “data storytelling”. Clearly, it makes data speak through indicators and data visualization. Toucan Toco is inspired by mobile applications which, in a few clicks, make information quickly accessible and transpose it to corporate data.

“Information is too static in the company. Our vision is to distribute data and intelligence so that they are easier to consume, and allow a real return on investment ”, underlines its co-founder, Baptiste Jourdan. And this subject is not the prerogative of only large accounts.

While Toucan Toco initially won over these customers, it is now reaching more and more SMEs, which thus represent 15 to 20% of its turnover. Among these customers, start-ups with a turnover of several million euros to which the publisher provides a brick of analytics for their own solutions, SaaS in particular.

But Toucan Toco is also reaching the more traditional SME market, such as in the industrial and agricultural sectors. To meet their needs, the SaaS provider has declined its platform in a more affordable version (from 10,000 euros per year). Among the users, SMEs like Hafa or the SAV Company.

“SMEs are digitizing enormously. A large number of players now list products for these companies. This SME market is quite alive and in search of innovations and improvements. Their decision-making can be quick, but they expect solutions that are easy to learn and deploy. They do not have IT armies and remain very pragmatic, ”observes Baptiste Jourdan.

Crisis and recovery require agile management

The crisis has played an accelerating role in this area. Because, in this context, SMEs, more fragile than large companies, need visibility more than ever to make quick decisions. “Many of them have realized that it is essential to manage well, human resources for example, when partial unemployment measures have to be implemented. The HR of many SMEs have looked for tools to manage the crisis and its social impact ”, testifies the manager.

Crisis and recovery are also sources of opportunities for companies in their respective markets. To develop or recover, they need “a global vision”, enabled by scattered or siled data. Toucan Toco’s promise is to provide this vision by aggregating this business data.

Data-driven management also finds applications outside of a crisis context. The publisher thus makes its platform available to a distributor of motor oils. Its sales representatives have a financial performance monitoring dashboard on the move. The solution standardizes reporting for HR, finance and salespeople within an application.

Toucan Toco is also present in agriculture, with SMEs such as Littoral Normand, a former dairy controller. The agricultural sector is undergoing transformation and the company now provides breeders with expertise. The analytics application thus allows it to easily return information to farmers by aggregating data from their farms, collected in particular by agricultural machinery.

“We simply digitized the restitution of information. It was digital, but it was previously transmitted through Excel files or PowerPoint on a monthly basis. The information was therefore hardly usable. Farmers have mobiles and want simple things ”, explains Baptiste Jourdan, describing farmers who have also become“ data driven ”.

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