Data & Datalakes: Interview with Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik

Data is at the heart of all problems. The ability of companies to integrate it, analyze it and communicate it to all employees depends on their ability to innovate and adapt. How to turn raw data into informed actions? How to explore the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to stand out and go further? Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik, is a great IT for Business and InformatiqueNews witness.

Data must be captured, integrated, analysed, visualized and managed so that it can be evaluated. And it should be available to everyone in the company in the most convenient and simple way possible, to be useful and to facilitate better decision-making, as well as to help develop markets and needs. It is no longer enough to popularize access to data. We also need to make advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence more accessible. For Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik, it is essential to be able to transform data in all its diversity into “active intelligence”.

Invited to the set of The Great Witness, Mike Capone discusses with Guy Hervieu the evolution of BI (Business Intelligence) and the importance of making ML & IA more accessible to everyone. He also discusses how the cloud and cloud platforms for big data have changed governance and data governance, driving integration, helping to offset surges in volume, and making analytics and machine learning more accessible.

PS: This interview is in English. Use the YouTube player’s built-in features to display subtitles in your preferred language.



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