Data from 500 million Facebook accounts has been uploaded

The data comes from a leak that occurred in 2019. (Photo: 123RF)

Data on more than 500 million Facebook users from a leak in 2019, including email addresses and phone numbers, was posted on a hacker forum, Business Insider reported on Saturday, confirming information from a cybercrime expert.

“The archives concerning 533 million Facebook accounts have just been disclosed for free,” tweeted Alon Gal, technical director of the anti-cybercrime agency Hudson Rock, on Saturday morning, criticizing the “absolute negligence” of Facebook.

Business Insider says it was able to verify that some leaked phone numbers still belonged to the owners of the affected Facebook accounts.

“This is old data” the leak of which “had already been reported in the media in 2019. We found and repaired this problem in August 2019”, reacted to AFP a spokesperson for Facebook.

Nearly 20 million French accounts and 32 million US accounts, among others, could be affected, Alon Gal said on Twitter in January, when a user was still looking to sell the data on the same forum.

This data includes phone number, full name, date of birth and, for some accounts, email address, according to Business Insider. Malicious people “will certainly use this information for scams, hacking and marketing”, noted the expert in cybercrime.

This is not the first time that data from millions of users of the first social network – which has nearly 2.8 billion monthly users – has been put online.

Revealed in 2018, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a British firm that hijacked the personal data of tens of millions of Facebook users for political propaganda purposes, had permanently tarnished the reputation of the social network on the issue of data privacy.


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