Data of minors: CNIL Ireland imposed a heavy fine on Instagram

The Data Protection Commission (DPC), the Irish equivalent of the CNIL, has hit Instagram’s wallet. Large fine: 405 million euros on behalf of the European Union for mishandling the personal data of minors on the platform.

Although the decision has not yet been published on the website of the Irish regulator, the information was confirmed by the representative of the Irish DPC, according to Reuters.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is already planning to appeal.

Penalty record against social network

The Irish data protection regulator imposed this sanction following an investigation into the processing of children’s data.

The DPC survey, launched in 2020, targeted users aged 13 to 17 on the social network and the ability to manage professional accounts. This feature makes personal information such as the user’s phone number and email address visible.

In the past, the DPC has often been accused of not doing enough to regulate the country’s GAFAMs. However, last year the DPC sentenced WhatsApp to a record 225 million euro fine for lack of transparency in the management of personal data.

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