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12 hours ago

Data stolen from Montmorency College is being sold on the dark web by hackers who threaten to make it public.

Cyberattack at Montmorency College. […] Management should contact us immediately if they want to prevent the full data from being published on our blog,” the AvosLocker cybercriminal group writes in English on the underground network page.

Although not a clear threat, this group, which is closely monitored by the FBI, usually demands ransoms from the organizations it hacks.

On May 19, Cégep announced that he had been the target of a cyberattack. Police authorities and the government of Quebec notified him earlier this week of the online data sale, as explained in an email yesterday.

To prove its seriousness, the hackers posted on the dark web a sample of 15 files for free download. It also seems possible to contact criminals if you want to buy all the data.

QMI was able to review the sample data. It includes, among other things, communication between employees, plans and accounts. Available elements include the employee’s mobile phone number, email address, and supplier’s signature.


However, it is not clear to what extent the stolen files, which…

Pascal Dugas Bourdon

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