Database with a million phone calls hacked

On the dark web, you can often find private databases stolen by hackers in search of easy money. But this time, it was on the “light web” that data from 118412, that private telephone information service that connects companies with their customers, ended up on a notorious hacker forum. A goldmine containing telephone records of more than a million French people. Starting price: 3500 euros.

Immediately laid out, immediately sold, at least disappeared. According to Numerama, cybersecurity expert Julien Metayer, better known by his pseudonym “Kermit”, was browsing the web and discovered the database on March 12. The next day, the files were nowhere to be found, probably sold. Needless to say, the cyberhacker did his best to attract customers: 100 free registrations, “such as authentication IDs,” says Kermit, were made available for self-service as a sample for quality control. product.

List as long as your arm

Upon examining the files, a cybersecurity expert found that they contain a lot of personal information useful to a scammer who wants to recover personal data in order to try to extort money from the people concerned. Among others, 0044, Amazon, Apple Assistance, PlayStation, La Banque Postale,, Canal+, Clinique, Maison Fleury, Coriolis Telecom, Crédit Agricole, eDream, FoliaTeam, Free, G7 Taxi, Ibéria, La Poste, Laboratoire. BioGroup, ManoMano, N26, Nickel Banque, Oney, Opodo, Orange, OuiGo SNCF, Rakuten, RegloMobile, SFR, SNCF, UPS and Urgence Vétérinaire Bordeaux, according to Julien Metayer.


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