Date and info for the next Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase (finally!)

After a rather disastrous 2022 in terms of new features, Xbox is poised to rise from the ashes in 2023 (again…) with a slew of major titles developed by in-house studios. Forza Motorsports, Redfall, Starfield, Hellblade II are full of big games in preparation and 2023 shouldn’t look like 2022 (still happy…). Microsoft won’t announce the next exclusive releases for a long time.

red autumn

Tech journalist Jez Corden thinks he knows when the next Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will take place. As such, the conference for the next Xbox (and Game Pass) exclusive titles will take place on January 25 at 21:00 (French time). However, according to the journalist, the conference will mainly focus on Redfall, Arkane’s next “vampire” multiplayer FPS, as well as Forza Motorsports, which promises to be the next benchmark in car simulation.

It will also be about Minecraft Legends and, above all, a brand new license developed by ZeniMax Media Online. Starfield will remain in the background during this demo, likely pending a special conference call. It would still be a shame if Microsoft didn’t say anything about other unfinished projects (Fable, Perfect Dark, Indiana Jones game, Hellblade II), but it saves ammo for the upcoming Xbox & Bethesda. Showcase of games.

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